The electro/industrial punk duo going under the name of The Trouser Cops went to quite lengths to reach me for a review, I would be a dickhead not to give their stuff a listen.

It’s not even a long one, just a short 7-song long “Clockwork themed electro/industrial punk” EP released in May 2019, with the shortest track of 55 seconds and the longest one only 3:38 so it definitely fits into my “listen while on break from work” schedule.

And it’s lovely, I like stuff like this in my musical diet, and with opening “Moloko-xetamine” I was like “Yay, this stuff is catchy as fuck!”. And it is. Shame it’s only 1:34, it deserves, nah, it crying to be longer!

59 seconds, that’s the second track called “Third Oscillator” and I guess it was recorded using an oscillator. Don’t know, I am not that skilled. But I should recognize the sound, right? I am pretty sure it was an oscillator! Weird little track.

The Trouser Cops cover

Of course, the third one continues in this weirdiness, “Zyklo-pentameter” is that shortest track from this EP, and it sounds more like an intermezzo than an actual track.

Track number 4 is “Oblivion” and it’s little headache inducing, but if I can survive it, you can too, so don’t worry. The mixture of oscillator tunes, programmed drums and vocal samples, it continues in this line of weird soundscapes. Weird. Weird. But not bad. No.

“Henchmen” is the longest track and the beginning has me again in the anticipation of a great track. That’s a classic EBM opening and it just can’t go wrong, can it? Well, it haven’t really lived to the potential, I’d say, but I liked that sampled female voice, it’s transformed the track into some futuristic sci-fi movie soundtrack song. And that’s great, isn’t it?

However, the one before the last, “Absoluter”, got me into the proper mood again. I do prefer this simplistic style with the dominant kickdrum, although I’d ask for more sampled guitars!

Last song is “Cured” and as if those previous ones haven’t been weird enough, this one definitely is. But it’s not that surprising now.

Summed up…. Well, what to say. It’s not bad, however, the whole EP sounds like being a samples from the actual songs than songs themselves. I – for one – would, for example, prefer longer version of “Moloko-xetamine” and “Absoluter”. But that’s just my two cents of opinion, although if you are into electro/industrial stuff, you might want to check The Trouser Cops for yourself.