Being open-minded and embracing all (or, to be more precise, almost all) genres does have its downside effect and sometimes I just want to shut off and just enjoy some simple audio brutality. Guess what, this 2018 split of two goregrind bands from Chile provides just what I needed. I guess this got to me right in time, because I was kinda lost in so many things… so this split is really like a fresh breeze of week old bile vomit. Goodies!


First to brighten my day up is Piggy and if you expect some pig squeals and simplified goregrind, you are right, but obviously, growls and high pitched shrieks can’t be absent! These guys have fun playing their stuff and because this is a live recording, you can tell. Although I can’t say what nice messages they try to pass to their listeners, as yo no hablo Espanol, I bet the message is strong, you know, save pigs and stuff like that. Personally, I prefer the slower parts with that pleasant polka rhythm drum sound, but they are strong also in the faster parts. Can’t say nothing bad about it, it’s definitely nothing earth-shattering, it’s pretty much a standard goregrind, but catchy as a gonnorhea from an old streetworker. Solid stuff in 7 songs.

The second part of the split is reserved for live performance of Ejaculator Command and first thing to notice is, their song titles are in English, so besides the music, we can also enjoy song titles like “Bong Full of Vaginal Juice” or “Dick Full of Cocaine”. Who would not love such songs?

split tape cover

Musically we are in the same stinky waters as with Piggy, and while similar, both bands are different, from drums to vokills. I’d say Ejaculator Command are more coherent, but I won’t say that, as it could be seen as putting Piggy down and I don’t really want that. I appreciate the output of both bands here and I am looking forward to listen to more stuff they put out.

Released by Ruido Podrido DIY label in 50 copies on tape: