Released in 2019 through Eyes of the Dead Production (Italy), Neuropathy offers 9 songs of pure goregrind to please the ears of pathological lovers of anatomy. And just to let you know, they are linked to another material (namely, Drowned Afterbirth) I’ve reviewed back in 2019…

Starting with the opener “Forensic Evidence Showing Obvious Collateral Murder”, we’re quickly introduced to the main building blocks of this record – gurgling vokills, extremely distorted guitar and the my personal highlight – the drums! The pinging snare, who doesn’t love that. There is one passage where the sound level suddenly drops for a little and then goes back to the normal level, but that doesn’t diminish from the pleasant tune I am enjoying here.

Black and white cover from Eyes of the Dead Productions’ release

Second track named “Buried Deep Witing The Bowel of Dirt and Rubble” surprises with a catchy riff and I love the underlying audible bass line. Because I love bass lines, you know. The structure of the song is surprisingly clever and it quickly becomes one of the favourite tracks from this album.

Third one is even better! “Fatal Head Split Resulting in Mass Blood Spill at the Faimily Gathering” offers interesting take on usual goregrind tune and even if sometimes it sounds kind of disjoined, it’s somehow fitting.

The fourth to the party has an interested title, look at this: “Crippled Degenerates Experience Ignited puslating Pain from Flaming Shish-kebob”. If you don’t like the band by now, you are fuckin pussy. OK, I am kidding…a little. But I like it, this gorenoisegrind, again, it makes me relax. I think I am seriously out of my mind just to write something like that, but it’s true.

A different cover from Clostridium Difficile Recordings

“Gorged Bloat Explosion” is the 5th and it’s goes like this…”tag team, back again”..oops, sorry, wrong song lol. This one is just 32 second long, but it could serve as a taste of the things to come for this CD, you can basically have all ingrediences here. But Neuropathy’s strength is definitely in longer songs, like already mentioned track numero 3.

Similarly long, or short, is “Ulnar Artery Dissector” and I could repeat the paragraph above, but surprisingly, only 8 seconds longer than the previous one, it’s more varied and the bassline, which is more discernible here, makes this song much much better.

Although the 7th track “Retrograde Vascularisation of Fibula” is one before the last, the last one is a double dose of song, so therefore is not. OK, I know it doesn’t make any sense, but whatever. For Neuropathy the standard length of songs is about 1 minute (give or take), so this is the standard length song, clocking in 55 second, and – I will repeat myself, but I have to – the bassline rocks. Or grinds. This is good shit, people.

Neuropathy CD cover
Color cover from Bandcamp release

And as mentioned, the last song is actually two songs, “Invidence of Occult Metastasis” and “Malignant Swelling Surgery” and I can say without any exaggeration, it’s the highlight of this CD. Again, the ocassional disharmony only adds to the sound, making the song(s) more unpredictable, which in gorenoise/goregrind, I guess, it’s quite important, or is not?

Sealed, signed, delivered…if you can spare 10 minutes of your life either exploring the gorenoise/goregrind/noisegrind genre, or just enjoying what the current scene can offer, Neuropathy shouldn’t be missed. And that’s the bottom line, no matter what Stone Cold Austin says. 🙂

Available from Eyes of the Dead Productions: