Another review of the Sialorrhoea Production release, yay!!! You remember I did the release of Anemia not too long ago, right?

This one is a short release, just 3 songs in 8:27 total, but boy, did it hit all the right spots today!

Yeah, Sunday or not, I was working (at least for now) in my day job, shivering with cold (yeah, the warehouse was quite cold today), wanting nothing more than just get back home, drink my few cups of coffee and tea (separate, not mixed, damn!) and listen to some musick (actually, to do more than that, but I digress…)

So blind take from the never lowering pile of CDs and CDr revealed Concrete Eater (who hails from Arizona, USA and the person behind this project is also behind Bouquet and First Days of Humanity) release from Stefano Pigato’s new label and to be honest, it was hard to guess what it would be. OK, my first guess was, of course, gorenoise, but to my surprise, it’s goregrind!

And pretty great one, I have to say. “Heavy Ripper”, the very first song, sets the mood high and I am finding it very pleasant. Good production and quite a few changes through the song makes it a pleasant listening. Oh, and it starts with a short intro.

Second track, “Chaingun Perforation” flows flawlessly with the atmosphere set in the first song, and the vokills are siiiiiick! I like that kind of vocal, really do! Although I don’t like it as much as I like the first song and the last one, it’s still killer!

I’ve written that because the third and final song, “Delimbed”, just rolled over everything. And I mean it. From the beginning through the slowly bulldozing its way forward, this one is one fucking great stuff here, man.

I am sure the short length of the material will cause this CDr to be spinned round and round for quite a few more times (I’m already on my 3rd spin, and I have no intention of stopping yet) and I am already looking forward to listen to some new material!! Where is it?

Nah, seriously, this one is another great release from Sialorrhoea Production and I am delighted, because I have a few up my sleeve yet to be reviewed!

For those cheapos not wanting to pay (although who should), here’s the Bandcamp page:

As for this and other physical releases from Sialorrhoea Production, contact Stefano through his FB: