I’ve said it previously and I’ll say it again. They don’t make them like they’ve used anymore. Demon Queen, the 1986 debut feature from American SOV filmmaker Donald Farmer is a prime example of what that oft-ridiculed, but a potent niche genre offers.

We’re, obviously, in the realm of Shot-On-Video titles, starting during the 1980s and which is still with us (thankfully, I might add).

Now, it goes without saying this genre is not for everyone. I’ll go as far as to say, it’s only for true fans and connoisseurs of the movies. Why? Glad you’ve asked, because I’ll tell your straight away.

The minimalist story of the movie sees Lucinda (Mary Fanaro) as a vampire/succubus preying on the men for their blood. Nothing in the movie suggests she is any kind of demon queen (although succubus does qualify as a demon), but that’s just a minor problem and in the realm of movie marketing, especially in the 80s, it’s completely legit.

The movie real star, though, is Jesse (played by Dennis Stewart in his only movie role), a small time drug dealer, who just happens to be out of his luck. First, his customer Izzy – along with his brother Bone – has come to complain about the stuff and demand the return of money and then he’s ended up with Lucinda. That what you’d call a shit day, wouldn’t you?

And the dead bodies multiply and some (well, two) even don’t stay dead, but turning into some zombies! Now what else would you possibly want? Oh, I know…boobs! You wanted them – and so the movie delivers!

As for the movie itself, I am sure many people would be put off by it. It’s definitely not perfect, but when it’s done right, it surprises.

The dreamy sequence between Jesse and Lucinda brings up the reminiscence of Bavaian color lights and some prolonged facial shots reminded me of Lucio Fulci’s favourite shots. As a whole, I don’t think I will be far off to say, the movie has definitely a Franconian flavour and I am sure old tio Jess would not be dissatisfied with the final cut.

All this on a camcorder with a budget of 2 grand? Say what you want, but I did get my share of entertainment here.

Unfortunately for movie lovers, the DVD is quite hard to get nowadays, but if you’re lucky…grab it. But beware, it might definitely not be your kind of entertainment.