Stroszek – Songs of Remorse (CD review)

Yes, you remember well, we’re already met with neofolk / neoclassical project Stroszek back in the early days of the Rubber Axe webzine, when I have reviewed Stroszek’s EP “A Break In The Day”. This CD, titled “Songs of Remorse” is the debut CD from 2007 in nice digipack from God Is Myth Records. read more

Stroszek – A Break In the Day (digital download, 2011)

The beauty of discovering new music, that‘s how I can describe this release. Stroszek‘s „A Break In the Day“ is a beautiful, melancholic and haunting piece of art. An absolutely fantastic accoustic neofolk brought to life by Claudio Alcara, a member of Frostmoon Eclipse, originally released by Dipsomaniac Records in July 2011 as a digital download.