No kidding, this has to be one of the shortest splits I have come to have! 9 songs in total 3:53, that’s just f*ckin’ insane, people!

Anyway, what do we have here is another exercise in gorenoise, Skin Devouring Chaos presents 4 short tracks with lovely titles as “Sodomized Infant Corpse” or “Toilet Bowel Full of Shit and Bile” and while those titles might come as shocking to many unprepared people not accustomed to gorenoise ethos (did I really use that word?), once the shock value use is properly understood, one can’t help but have a laugh with every new outrageous title.

Skin Devouring Chaos / Cannibalistic Coprophagia CDr split cover

But compared to Cannibalistic Coprophagia’s contribution to this split, even SxDxCx songs are long. If I am not mistaken, this is another of Ivar Malm’s projects, and the longest two track are just 20 seconds long (three others are just 0:16 each).

As we’re done with technicalities, how’s it actually sound? You’ll be surprised, but good. Nah, I will correct myself, it’s actually very good (we’re still talk gorenoise genre, mind you). Skin Devouring Chaos is little more harsher or distorted (and my favourite song is “Sudden Mushy Prolapse”) and ocassionally bordering on nice goregrind tune. Cannibalistic Coprophagia is more straightforward and of the cybergrind variety (and I thought I didn’t like cybergrind, blimey) with sick vokills, but musically very pleasant.

Wanna get yourself a copy of this 2016 split? Then get in touch with Crackwhore Fetus Records, I think Ivar is the best one to ask about it (as there is no info provided on the CDr insert).