Nicholas from Heathen Tribes Records has been so kind to send us some stuff for a review and among those releases I’ve found this interesting material from Polish group Shadow Warrior. And boy, did it find a big love in my heart.

First of all, they play heavy/speed metal, and I don’t listen to this genre as much as I should, so that’s a pleasant change from usual gore I’m reviewing.

Second, they have a female singer. Not only that, but a good one. You know, if that’s some gothic metal or symphonic genre, one would just shrug, no big deal, right? But heavy metal female singers are still not as many, so a new blood is always welcome. At least in my book. Pair it with a great double guitars, ear-pleasing riffs and melodies, and you might find yourself a worthy band to follow. Which, as we all know, is quite a feat amongst the myriads of bands fighting for our attention.

Third, although the band hails from Poland, their lyrics deal with Japan – samurais, blades and such stuff. Guys throw riffs as ninjas throw their shurikens and I kid you not, every song is a delight. They might not be entirely original, and I don’t give a slightest damn. It flows faultlessly and from the opening “Return Of The Shadow Warrior” to the last “Heavy Metal Typhoon” (now, really, can anything be more exciting than a song with such a title? Even Manowar might envy them that one! And that opening scream, oh yeah!!!), every song is a hymn and even my better half has stopped her work and listened to it.

Shadow Warrior in all their glory.

This is a very short review, because I’m not gonna waste words. The only negative here is the length of the album – it’s not long enough, but I am OK with repeated listens, so that’s that.

Check for yourself on the bands’ Bandcamp page and support them by buying a CD. It’s heavy metal, kurwa mać!

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