Axe Crazy – Angry Machines (digital copy review)

I won’t say I’ve been completely oblivious to the metal scene in Poland, years ago the local Polish music shops have supplied us with plenty of good music not only from around the world, but also from local metal scene. Obviously, as me and my friends were into extreme metal, I was not aware of classic hard’n’heavy or heavy metal proper Polish style, but with my recent review of excellent Shadow Warrior’s EP that situation has changed – for better. read more

Shadow Warrior – Return of The Shadow Warrior (digital release review)

Nicholas from Heathen Tribes Records has been so kind to send us some stuff for a review and among those releases I’ve found this interesting material from Polish group Shadow Warrior. And boy, did it find a big love in my heart. read more


Wyrok – To The Last Drop of Blood (album review)

Country or origin? Poland. It doesn’t automatically mean you could expect absolute quality, of course, but in the case of WYROK it just confirms that Polish metal scene is really going strong. read more