Yeah, you read that right! This stuff was released on a fucking 3.5” floppy disc? You know what the floppy disc is, don’t you?

I have to admit I don’t have the actual release (it was released in 8 copies), simply put, I wouldn’t have the means to play it, I don’t have 3.5” drive for years (and many of you can also relate), but I was sent a digital promo, so let’s see what’s in store for us.

This is just one song – however crammed in are 3 minutes of music. OK, music might be a little stretch here, as we’re dealing with another noise stuff, but at least it’s not unbereable or boring. It’s acttually quite funny with the bagpipe-like keyboard sound over the layer of industrial noise and undeciperable vocals and according to Discogs, I quote: “Track is a obscure Black Ambient Noise cover of Käy Muumilaaksoon, the full Finnish Moomin theme. Release is limited to 8 hand-numbered copies.”

Well, what else to say – fans of noise, be it industrial or black noise will undoubtedly be delighted, and I don’t think it would be unbereable as an introduction for some newbies trying to get into the noise genre. But definitely a welcome curiosity thanks to the format.

Available – I hope – through Dangerous Diskettes (also few other ultra-limited floppy disc releases). Or in case it’s sold out, you can still ask around for a digital copy (I hope).