Ryosuke Kiyasu – Continue as Though it were Flowing Water (digital promo review)

One half Sete Star Sept, Ryosuke Kiyasu and his improvisation drumming release “Continue as Though it were Flowing Water” is the second of the 3 new limited releases from the Austrian label Magnesia Nova label from Salzburg.

And when I said “improvisation drumming”, it’s just like that. The whole 43:54 playing time of this release is Ryosuke furiously drumming. It’s quite monotonous, although not totally, you can easily follow the flow. It’s japanoise/experimental, so if you are familiar with this genre(s), you know what to expect. I am just amazed at the sheer amount of energy this artist must have for doing this!

I’ve found this release quite therapeutic, but I have to tell you this…it’s nothing compared to his live performances! Watching him live brings a totally different perspective in enjoying this stuff. I won’t say anything new when I state that Japanese audio-visual art is something one never forgets.

Really, just look at some of videos from the Youtube. It might drive you away in terror, but I guess many of you will join me watching in awe.

Definitely not for everyone, but fascinating as hell.

Ryosuke Kiyasu live in Tokyo, August 23, 2015:

Streamed show from May 5th, 2021:

Thanks goes to David Pitzmann for sending the promos over to me. If you are interested in this release, get in touch with him at david.pitzmann@gmx.at . Also check his blog at: http://arbadaharba.blogspot.com/

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