Interesting split, this one. Max and his Massive Gore Bulge project (or MxGxBx for short, and you know I’ve interviewed him, right) got featured on not one, two…neither on three, but on 4 splits in less than a month! And while his splits with Leucodistrofia and Subhuman Scum still continue in a way of his beginnings in a pure gorenoise (referring to 2018 demo, of course), interestingly, with “Trapped in the Harsh Reality of Pain” release, and split with Septic Convulsion we’re getting more of a goregrind diet than gorenoise. Not that I would complain.

What we have here is a split release with Cop Stench and from the start I can say the pairing of different styles can be a blessing…but also, can be a terrible curse. You know it – you have a split where you love one side, but loathe the other. Luckily, this is not the case here.

Still, what a nice contrast. MxGxBx offers 9 short goregrind bloodsoaked pieces, ranging from 20 seconds long “Nechronic Smoke” to the longest “The Result of Hammering Down the Enemy”, clockin in 1:01. That stuff kills!!! Bring me the mop, dammit!!!

Cop Stench, on the other hand, is 5:14 long every gorenoise lover’s bubbly pleasure – titled “In Memory of Christopher Dorner”. Yep, it’s hydro with relentless snare and machine-gun bass drums, complemented by the background wal of bass sound. First almost 2 minutes are sounding basically the same, but around 1:57 we can hear cymbals there as well, which is a welcome addition, unfortunately, they are there just for a very very short moment.

Obvious plus is for an intermezzo from a movie I don’t recognize, but I love intros/intermezzos/outros. And by the way, cymbals returned later.

Another plus is an unexpected rhytmicality (is that actually a word?). More experienced gorenoisers might dismiss any resemblance of rhythm, but I like when ocassionally you can hear some.

Believe me or not, you won’t notice how the whole record will fly by once you commit yourself to listen to it.

If you are new to gorenoise/goregrind genre, this one might be a nice dip to try what it sounds like. I, for one, enjoyed this one a lot.

Massive Gore Bulge side:

Cop Stench side: