This nice CD release of 3-way split between great gorenoise projects was on my list for some time now, but it’s kept eluding me. But today I’ve said – enough is enough! This stuff will get reviewed right here, right now!

And yes, that’s a decision to follow.

This 3-way gorenoise madness was released by Italian label Eyes Of The Dead Productions in the winter of 2019 and features 3 (well, who would have guessed, right?) projects – Submersed in Infected Medical Waste, Miastenia Gravis and Garbage Man Under the Sewersludge.

The release is in the plastic pouch with a single card with it, but that something I am complaining about, this stuff doesn’t need digipacks and countless pages of inserts. Nope, it’s the music (or the lack of it) which counts.

So, first to dissect is SxIxIxMxWx, i. e. Submersed in Infected Medical Waste with absolutely unreadable logo (thanks to Bobby M.!) with 8 untitled tracks in a single run and what a nice and pleasant (believe me, even with gorenoise you can actually use this word) surprise. Interesting vocals and drumwork and the whole material is catchy as fuck. Doc Dank knows how to keep listeners interested, using many changes and ocassional breaks. This is definitely something to follow, if you are a gorenoise fan.

I haven’t counted it (so I don’t know if it’s the actual song), but the passage starting around 4:39 mark is helluva surprise! Who would think of slowing down their gorenoise output to bring about something of a gorenoisedoom! Really, no kidding. Who knows, one day we might be exposed to gorenoise ballads…and yep, I’ll listen to it.

6:17 in total, that’s almost 1/3 of the CD well spent. I am impressed so far.

Miastenia Gravis (which is no unknown entity for the readers of the Rubber Axe webzine, you remember this review of its material, right? introduces also their batch of interesting drumwork, I like this sound, it’s like bashing on the full cardboard boxes of sorts. Good thing is, the vocals also indicate a change, this is more distorted than in the previous project, more abrasive and uneasy, and it seems like anything else is totally unnecessary, but you can catch hints of bass line here and there. The whole song (because it’s one 7:40 long track “Thymoma originatesfrom epithelial cell in the thymus”) resembles some wicked ritual – well, maybe something we’re gonna attend when this coronavirus shit will be finally over. And as with the SxIxIxMxWx, the frequent changes, along with a very brief periods of just drum goes on, keep listeners on their feet…and the end is almost power electronics-y 🙂 Thumbs up for this one!

Garbage Man Under the Sewersludge from Spain is another project of my friend Pol from Pissfaced Fetus Production – and we’ve met him with his previous project in this review – surprises with the opening movie intro (and a little silence) and then, off we go with 11 gorenoisy cuts. This one is heavy on hi-hats, and unlike previous projects, this is more on the hydro (bubble) side in vocals. Not that I complain, not at all.

And I can say, this is really melodic in places. Now, I am not sure if this fact should be a good thing or bad, but for me, definitely good! However, I don’t know if Pol will be OK with such an appraisal, haha…

This release is – not surprisingly – limited, so get in touch with Samuele to see if there are any left, and grab it while you can!

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