How long was it since we review anything electronic? Quite long, I guess, but thanks to William Zimmerman from New Dark Ages PR I have an opportunity to immerse myself into the sweet notes of artificial sounds and sound landscapes. Here comes Liya.

Liya Trebitch

Liya Trebitch is a young singer/songwiter from Tel Aviv (Israel) and “Listen” is her debut EP, released in the end of December 2018 by Blind Mice Production.

It contains 4 songs in roughly 18 minutes and if you’re into the nice, smooth electronic stuff with a female vocal, then you should definitely check Liya’s stuff out.

The opening track is “Holding On” starting with a nice dreamy keyboards, soon to be joined with hard drums and together with vocals merging into the nice electrosynth track which certainly will appeal to electropop/synth fans. As I always say – you don’t need to invent a wheel to create something beautiful.

“No Meaning” with the deep keys brought back the memories of Depeche Mode, around “Songs of Faith and Devotion” minus the guitars – don’t ask me why, though. It just did. But musically it’s a well crafted song, the voice expressing sadness with an easiness and beauty and as whole the track is very pleasant to my ears.

“Always About You” continues in the same direction, only a little slower – and I don’t have any problem with it, though I prefere Liya’s faster compositions, just for the boost of energy I need so badly these days. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to slow down once a while.

Last track on this EP is “Listen” and after a slow tune we’re back into the rhythm and energy and I recall the period of time I’ve devoted to listen to synth-related stuff. It was a great time and I am enjoying the same feeling here.

I’ll tell you this – I don’t listen to any given genre exclusively, but when time comes again for me craving some nice sythpop, I won’t hesitate to put this on repeat. I just hope it will somehow ends up in physical format, as I still prefer discs over zeroes and ones in my phone.