I was surprised to learn that Ganzy, the former guitarist of Useless Sacrifice, whose demo I‘ve reviewed a few weeks ago, is currently playing in some punk/HC band. Well, as I am natural born curious being, I need to know more.

Because world of social media is not only for sharing cat videos and similar shit, but also to make and keep contact and conversation, I‘ve decided to get in touch with him and learn more about the band.

So, this is what I‘ve learned. Ganzy has got some weight and he is really playing in punk/HC band. Or is it completely hardcore band. Maybe even with a hint of thrash? Doesn‘t matter, what matters is music.

And guys present their music on their 2016 album „Individuality“, so let‘s play it and see, how good they are.

I‘m gonna say it – it‘s hardcore. A melodic hardcore, which is good. Not that I hate old school HC with songs lasting mere seconds, like Section H8 I‘ve also reviewed some time ago, because I do not, but I probably prefer a little melodic stuff. It really depends on the mood, though.

Konfront‘s got one thing going for them – they sing in their native language, which is Slovak language. Of course, this is an obvious disadvantage towards the reception on the global level, but I, for one, really like that. Not because I am of Slovak origina and – still 🙂 – speak Slovak, but because I know how hard is to write lyrics in Slavic languages. And Slavic languages, especially Slovak languages, in a heavy music, that actually fits the hard beats and down-tuned riffs – that‘s not a smal feat, trust me.

Album consists of 14 tracks, with total length of 38:31, the opening track is Intro. Well, one could guess many genres from it, to be honest…but with the final feedbacks going straight to the track number 2, it‘s clear. Yes, I‘ve already said it, it‘s hardcore.

The second track is „Svätá vojna“ (Holy War) and it’s a great opening track with a powerful anti-war message. Guys can’t deny being fans of Hatebreed and similar bands, and I am OK with that (I like some Hatebreed as well).

Track #3, this is “Pod kontrolou” (Under Control). For some reason the style of singing (in verses’s part) reminds me of a famous Czech band Kabát and their song “Porcelánový prasata“, but that’s where the familiarity ends. The nice HC drum beat, great sounding riffs and choruses, you can’t ask for more (or you can, but you’re not gonna get it, get over it).

Number 4 is “Rovnaký ako vy“ (Same As You). If you await some experiments, you’re listening to a wrong disc. Nope, friends, this is a sound of modern hardcore, and I really dig the solo in this song. And I am still biased due to the language. Man, lyrics are so good.

5th in a row comes “Môj Boj“ (My Struggle), which I wouldn’t be surprised is a title used by about 80 per cent of HC bands at some point of their history. But HC lyrics are about life experiences and struggles, so nobody can really complain about it. Lyrics also reflect it and again, fuckin’ great solo! The whole song is, I guess, even more melodic than previous ones – where’s the moshpit, mofos? It’s time to dance!!

“Bastard” needs no translation, and it’s #6. From the very beginning we are Konfronted (couldn’t help it, hehe) with angry lyrics (as expected, nobody likes bastard characters). Hard-hitting words are piercing the ears of every listener, of that I am pretty sure.

“Vstávaj“ (Wake Up), hailing from #7, with a totally melodic, almost pop-ish, chorus, alternating the classic HC melody, and upbeat lyrics (again, Slovak only, sorry).

“Nenávisť“ (Hatred), track numbered as 8th, and the solo is totally sick hard-rock! And it’s quite important to point that out, as musically, in my opinion, is quite hard to stay original in the general HC sound (although I have nothing against the repetition, it’s the lyrics and the attitude which count – or isn’t it?)

“Stále viac“ (Alway More), number 9, more straightforward and melody-oriented piece and nicely built on the hard rock basis as the previous one, maybe even more. It’ OK, but I start to experience a deja vu effect…but 5 tracks to go, so let’s hope we will not slide toward boredom.

I would write #10 off, but “Spáľ na prach“ (Burn Down To Dust) as an afforementioned deja vu, but guys evidently know the limits and the nice middle section, where we’re slowing down, keeps my attention, it reminds me of some more melodic stuff from Blood For Blood, so that’s fine with me.

“Falošná láska“ (False Love), 11th track in the row, and unfortunately, now it’s a deja vu. It’s not a bad song at all, don’t get me wrong, but now it’s getting repetitive.

12th track is “Kriminál“ (Prison) and again, the guitar solo motive is fantastic. Not in any way too over-complicated, but the melody involved is enough for me to rewind a couple of times to that part.

“M.F.P.”, track no. 13, is a 0:22 intermezzo, but I don’t like it at all.

And the last track of this album, on the 14th place, is “Propaganda”, and the vocals are in Czech and Slovak, the Czech vocals come from Petr Hošek of legendary punk/rock band Plexis. Definitely a nice end of the album. Melodic, anthemic, all you can ask for.

Do you want to hear/read a total sum up? Well, to be honest, I’d cut out about 4 songs from the album, to whole length under 30 minutes and that would make a nice release. In this current state is getting a little “too long the same” vibe, although that might be debatable, of course.

Konfront in the old line up

I am sure fans from Czech Republic and Slovakia don’t mind, it’s great to singalong with the band during their live shows, but as a listening experience by someone not totally dedicated to anything and everything HC, the less is sometimes more.