Today is a day of very very pleasant news to me,so what’s better way to celebrate than to treat myself with ahealthy dose of audio-brutality, right? And as the main course I’vechosen this nice 5-way split CD from 2015, released through RottenMusic.

Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination Incineration band

First to offer their portion of rotten sounds and growls are Greek brutalizers Incineration and what a way to start! Short intro and we are exposed to a great riff of “Atrocious Reek of Clitoral Decay”. Now c’mon, how could any song with a title like this be any bad? And it’s not, it’s really kills from the very first note. And luckily for us, listeners, guys in Incivility know the golden rule of song writing – don’t overkill those unlucky bastards in a front of speakers! So before the song could slowly fall into a boring repetitive riff-cycle, it ends. And of course, I want more!

So those blasphemous Greeks give me “Defecating the Trinity”, with title which should offend me (at least a little), but we are firmly in the genre where the shock value is delivered by tons and not everyting has to be taken seriously. Again, the high quality benchmark set by the opening track is carefully followed..and that isolated bass line at 0:37 is just perfect!

Already make notes to explore the other stuff by this band, I’m invited to “Drilling Through Festering Scrotum”, the energy blaster (I’m just thinking, how would I look like dancing to this tune, lol) and there is not much to write about it, as the songwriting and production is superb, and especially the drumwork which drives the whole song forward.

And the last piece of offering on this split CD from Incineration started again with a nice intro…and again, I chuckle upon the reading the title of the song…”Fresh Corpse Fellatio”. Well, it’s brutal death metal, baby, what should one expect? As it turned out, nothing less than what we’re getting so far.

Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination Paroxysmal Butchering
Paroxysmal Butchering

Next on the list is Paroxysmal Butchering from good ole USA, opening their package of brutality with “Concentrated Suffering”. And luckily we are treated with the same quality stuff as with a previously discussed band. This introductory track offers great sounding guitars riffs, two vokills and great double bass drum work. All of this under 2 minutes mark, and my heart is jumping with a pleasure of finding another new favorite of mine. Man, do I love this split already!

“Ignition of Racing Thoughts” stays withing the range of 3 minutes (as basically the whole PB output), which is only commendable and with enough changes in the structure there is not a boring spot there. Thumbs up!

The third song from these Californians is entitled “Killed and Drilled” and again, we continue with high standard of brutal death metal here and with the title like this you know we are dealing with the unpleasant things in life. The band works like a Swiss watch and I’m gonna repeat myself, but to listen to them is just a blast. Excellent stuff, indeed!

The last track from PB bears the title of “Perverse Metamorphosis” and reading the lyrics I have no clue what they are singing about here. But not that matters, of course, because the song is just fucking brilliant, especially the ending part..the melody of the guitars created supported by the double bass drums and the vokills just make me to re-play the song for a few times more. Just fan-fucking-tastic!

Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination Abdicate

Next band to give our attention to is Abdicate and I am not sure if I haven’t heard them already some long time ago, but in any case, I don’t remember liking it, so obviously, I am curious if their material stand to my scrutiny.

Their first song offering is “Devoured” and as such it’s not bad. I have to commend on rather standard death metal vokills enabling the listener to follow lyrics (which is not the case with many slamming acts, as we all know). Rolling forwards with little less speed than their colleagues mentioned above, Abdicate’s strength lies in the slower parts empowered with a solid double-bass drumwork, giving the song that nice slimy feeling of spreading disease and rot…and it’s to my liking.

Their second song, “Of Emptyness and Splendor” is done in the same way, the nice old school brutal death metal, with everything it has to offer. I am sure people could talk for hours about any lack of originality or what have you, as Abdicate might remind us of many other bands in the genre, but who gives a damn? In the context of this split CD those New Yorkers provide a really solid material they don’t have to be ashamed of.

Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination Catatonic Rigidity
Catatonic Rigidity

Catatonic Rigidity might be a project of Abdicate, as the trio consisted of two members of said band (although truth to be told, Daniel Hemmerich joined Abdicate after he left CR), and they so far recorded only one song, which we have an opportunity to listen to in this compilation, namely, “Corridors of Consumption”, the longest track on this disc. And instead of old school brutal death we are now in the waters of slamming brutal death metal.

You know, what to expect – Barrett’s pig squeeling touches my inner…well, soul it ain’t, lol! But seriously, it’s nice to hear nice interwining of individual instruments in riffs not that usual for your generic slam project. But the drumming, folks, drumming is soo cool! Ending part of guitar riff, seemingly simple, actually proves very effective in creating an aggressive earworm in my ear.

Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination Goemagot

And yet another Rochesterian project, and yet another project with members of Abdicate! Well, in case of Cody and ex-member, but I’d like to see Daniel Hemmerich’s day schedule. Does this guy sleep at all?

Anyway, joking aside. Goemagot offers a serious case of technical brutal death metal, and although I am a simple guy favoring simple music (of sorts), this stuff is fantastic. “Bigotry” made me reconsider what technical brutal death metal means, and I mean it in a very positive way. I guess I have to give my ear to their full-length very soon.

Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination

So…haveyou already ordered your copy? Not yet? Well, you’re missing out onsome serious stuff. This 5-way split offers its listeners a lot ofvalue for money, and in case you don’t know what to get for thisyear’s Christmas season, maybe listening to it will help you tochoose just the right stuff you want to find under your Christmastree.

Available through: Rotten Music