Pig squeel time!!! I did have the opportunity to listen to this nice album before, but it took me some time to actually buy the copy, sit down and and start prepare this review. Well, I guess one has to be in a proper mood, eh?

Incivility Regurgitated band

This is a nice album from Italian brutal death slammers Incivility Regurgitated, released in 2015, full of romantic melodies and bellcantos…w-w-wait a second, wrong disc! 🙂

Nothing like bellcantos, these bloodsoaked Italians have crammed onto this disc 8 solid slamming pieces of rotten meat, with total playing time of almost 36 minutes. Yay, happy days! So, what do we have here?

Under the typical slamming BDM logo and corresponding cover art, the opening „War Insane“ starts with the intro from Wagner‘s Ride of the Valkyries abruptly cancelled by the machine gun shooting – and straight into slam, baby! Lovers of technical stuff should stay away, this is quite simple and predictive musick, but so what, I don‘t give a shit, it‘s 6:30 in the morning and Giuseppe’s piq squeeling and growling is what I need to go on.

Truth is, though, that “Anal Abortion” (we all agree it’s a great song title) is much better song and maybe it should serve as an album opener, but hey, I am not a decision maker here! Opening with a great sample from Matrix, we’re getting again right into the slamming cauldron of riffs and squeels, pressing towards like a giant bulldozer. The riffs are simple, but the song itself offers enough changes in the song structure to keep it interesting, and Giuseppe vokills is a top notch.

“Cannibal Instinct”’s opening, if I am not mistaken, comes from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and so the lyrics are quite obvious. Oh, mentioning the lyrics, if there is just only one thing to commend those butchers for, it’s the simple thing many bands keep forgetting – they actually have printed their lyrics in the booklet! OK, not that I will sing along, but it’s nice to know what the lyrics are about. A grateful nod from me to the band! On the negative side, the background of the booklet is not that well chosen, as it makes quite difficult to read them. Just sayin’. As for the song itself, knowing the limits of the genre (I guess we all know them), the band again offers enough of a structured song not to bore the listener to death. I certainly applaud them.

I don’t have a clue as to where the intro to “Remains of Corpses” comes from, but as with previous tracks, we have here one as well, that’s a fact! And again we’re slowly rolling on, but this time the song is just not that interesting. OK, it’s a standard slam track and totally listenable, just it doesn’t offer anything – I don’t want to use the world unusual – anything more to firmly catch listeners’ attention besides quite generic riffs and structure. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad song, not at all. But Giuseppe and Rex do offer much better songs on this CD.

Incivility Regurgitated CD

“Cold Instruments of Death” and another intro! I remember the days when any good album worth its salt has started with an intro…and yeah, I like the concept to this very day, so plenty of intros keep this man happy!!! This song is also the longest track here, clocking at 5:17, so it better is catchy, right? And fortunately, it is and it helps to get over the less interesting previous track. Again, good folks in Incivility Regurgitated offer well written piece, and I have to mention the production of this records, because all instruments are nicely recognizable, especially the bassline. I like the bassline, period.

Oh, mentioning the period, lol, we have a nice little track called “Devoured Vaginal Cavity” with an appropriate intro with it! Yes, all those romantic types will definitely approve of the message! I might repeat myself here, but again – those guys know how to write songs. Therefore there is no surprise I’m gonna hit the repeat button to re-listen to it a few times more. And the abrupt ending brings us to…

“Carnage for Depravity”, which offers not only a decent music, but also an interesting lyrical part. OK, once again you won’t be able to decode the vokills, but the intro should give you some clues. The song itself would be again little generic, if not for the 3rd minute of it, when we encounter an unexpected riff, well, I haven’t expected it, that’s for sure! Alas, it doesn’t last long enough, I think it deserves some more length, as the rest of the song again slowly fades into the “already heard this somewhere” category and it’s a really a wasted opportunity.

And the last one, “Instincts Without Control”, opening with a nice little sample from Resident Evil movie and presenting a fitting finale of this slamming musical buffet.

So, signed, sealed and delivered, just the fact that even after a few years I still remember the name of the band and the album (although not note by note, of course) should tell you something about it. Although not without its weaker points as pointed out in the review, this solid piece of slamming BDM is strong enough to offer the listener enough audio-pleasure to making him revisit this release again and again.

Well done both the band and the Death Metal Industry label for a solid work on the CD presentation.

CD available at Death Metal Industry, check also the band’s Facebook for any additional info.