Battle of the one man goregrind projects! Although it might seem to be so, it’s not (at least, I hope it’s not!), it’s a nice collaboration between two underground scene stalwarts, Bob “The Butcher” Macabre (who is also active in many other projects and runs also Macabre Mastermind Records and co-own Death Becomes Her Records) and Bobby Maggard (and you should know by now his Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions).

So this split brings together two incredibly active figures from the US goregrind/gorenoise underground and it’s just understandable I am pretty much curious about it. I already know Gangrene Discharge stuff a bit and looking forward to see what Bob Macabre has to offer with Corpseknife.

Bob Macabre
Bob Macabre

And it’s him who has the honor of opening this little split. His tracks are of more than standard length (the shortest one is exact 4:00) and starting with “The Tall Man” (which I don’t need to tell you which movie the intro is from), we’re thrown into the mix of nice gutturals and intense, even if little monotonous, riffs pushed forward by drum-machine blastbeats. But Bob knows how to do a goregrind song and his vokills are just fucking incredible.

And “Camp Gore” follows suit. Intro, I believe, is from one of the Friday the 13th movie (however, I might be mistaken), and then it’s gore and grinding time, friends! The song itself is maybe a little bit too long, but I’ve heard much worse stuff and survived.

Corpse Knife logo (project of Bob Macabre )
Corpse Knife logo

Shame Bob didn’t continue with the great tradition of having a movie audio sample as intro to “After Death Fornication”, but this track – his shortest, as mentioned earlier – is actually pretty melodic (in the goregrind way, mind you). And I am getting certain cutting the song before 3 minutes mark would greatly improve them. But I am just a guy listening and reviewing the material, it’s Bob’s stuff, he can do as he pleases. And I am sure he does.

Also the last track of his here lacks the movie audio sample (what a shame), the simplistic nature of “Land of the Cannibals” is actually better than the previous one (if not that melodic) and Bob vokills still reign supreme here. Oh, and the pseudo-end before the actual end is nice tough, I like that!

Bobby Maggard posing
Bobby Maggard

After more-than-standard length of songs from Corpseknife, Bobby Maggards whips up his Gangrene Discharge with 27 songs of a fucking killing pathological goregrind as fuck. I won’t lie, this stuff never gets boring. It might sound similar to the other GxDx material Bobby did(and who cares), but vokills and drum machine rhythm is much to my liking (for example, drum sequences in “Precarious Gland Consummation”). The songs’ legth varies from 0:20 to 1:32 and they are over before you know it, therefore I won’t be surprised you’re gonna hit replay a few times (same as me). Especially with such fantastic tracks like “Writhing Filth” or “Asphyxiation Vendor” with a fucking great opening sequence.

That’s one hell of great split here, ladies and gentlemen! And although I am little in favour of Bobby M.’s material here, I have no doubts no gorehound will be disappointed with the extreme offering on this CDr split.

Limited to 40 copies only, so you’d better get it while it’s available. This shit never lasts long!

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