What a nice little mini-CDr disc and what a hideous cover! But we are veterans of shocking pathological images on the cover of extreme musick releases, so it’s just another cover art (unlike my other half, who was shocked and properly disgusted by the pic of the discs received).

And, yes, you might have guessed, we’re slowly drifting into the realms of one-man projects/bands with pedals, keyboard, distortion plugins and what have you – noise. Noise in its many forms.

This release was jointly put out by Subliminal Facial Records and Pissfaced Fetus Productions and unless you’re gonna put some efforts in finding any contact either for the labels or projects involved, you will look in vain for any info in the DIY xeroxed insert. But for me, this kind of a detective work, finding artists responsible and getting to know their work it’s a part of the fun, so how could I complain.

The first one to present the goodies is Drowned Afterbirth with what it’s described as “2 tracks of fucking garbage”. I politely disagree, as those 2 are quite ear-pleasing (remember, we’re still talking about gorenoise!) audio experiences and while the second one is probably more suitable to new listeners to the genre, due to it’s use of sampled drumbeat and (at times) funny sounding keyboard, I actually liked the first track. The explanation is simple, I love HNW/noise/gorenoise/etc stuff where the vocal samples are used. I know, it’s lame. But I like it that way. Overall, it was not even earaching as I’ve feared it would be. I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to start exploring this niche genre in the extreme music universe.

Now with ExCxLxCxCxBxPxCxTxSx we are getting something different and I only commend the choice for the split, as instead of gorenoise we’re getting a solid portion of goregrind/noisecore, described as “Ten Minutes and Fifty Seconds of Premeditated Slaughter, Dismemberement and Disposal of 33 Disabled Bedridden Invalids”. Yummy!

Musickally, it’s as described above, plus blended liquid bubbling sound instead of vokills (I assume). And I like it as well, drums are afront of bass, which is drowned (no pun intended) in the wall of underlaying noise, but I don’t think that would pose a problem to anyone.

I’m gonna repeat myself here, but this “side” of the split is good also. Hard to actually say which one of the projects is better, so I’ll say this – both are good. You are more into traditional instruments? You can have a listen here. HNW/modular/synth/cables/distortion and other funny gadgets enthusiast? You won’t go wrong picking this release up. Of course, given it’s not sold out already!

Check the stuff Subliminal Facial has put out here: https://www.facebook.com/Subliminal-Facial-Prod-373363486718224