Weekend has officially started, bitches!!! What’s better than to crank up some crazy fucked up noise stuff? Well, I have started with Britney Spears (seriously!) but even that kind of extreme music didn’t satisfied my urge to hear some more extreme output out there, and because I am currently going through discography of Enbilulugugal , my choice was clear.

So, the third release of these mighty goatsodomizing, lard puking black noise tyrants is actually a split with Necrobestiality, the one man corpogrind project, and according to the lore, David The Coprophiliac has later joined Enbilulugugal for some time.

Hey, there are some fucking catchy tunes here, and the cover does not need any explanation, so without much delay…first offering is Necrobestiality’s part and David brings 7 tracks, where not only the song titles, but also song themselves will make you laugh.

First to shoot is “Intro/Bloody Black Fecal Vomit of Satan” and after the great intro (well, did you expect that?) you can hear the amazing riff, which is actually stolen from Mayhem’s song “Funeral Fog”. Who the fuck cares, right? Still, the best part is drumming, but this whole shit is awesome.

And the intermezzos!!! Farting? Check, other stupid noises? Check. It really reminds me of older Meat Shits stuff (and I love Meat Shits, so there’s definitely a love developing for Necrobestiality here).

Second song is “Anal Fetus Fecal Carnage” and you might start developing a suspicion this shit deals with…well, shit. It does. And it’s really coprogrind. Man, this stuff rocks!!!

Third song, “Closes Coprophiliac” starts with fucking great short intro (all these are so great this split is worth a listen even if you don’t like the music) and then again going berzerk into grind mode with nice distorted growling. I don’t think there any lyrics, but at this point, I don’t care. By the end of the song, there is another outro…and that’s another something you want to hear. Believe me, you’ll thank me later.

“Mp3.com Sucks Dirty Fucking Donkey Ass” is the title of the 4th track and I wonder…where are the faeces? Apparently in the dirty fucking donkey ass, but you won’t learn the secret, because 30 seconds is just not too long enough. Nevermind, as Kurt would say.

So as like listening to my complaint above, the next song is titled simply “Pheces”. 60 seconds of grinding with actually nice melodic riff! I am convinced this split should be dedicated with patients suffering from constipation…by the end of it they would shit bricks on command!

Did anyone mention Meat Shits? Oh yeah, it was me, duh! Yeah, apparently David loves Meat Shits as well (cheers, bro!) so the one before last song is aptly titled “The Meat Shits Are the Kings of Rock and Roll”. I fucking agree! And that vokill just kills everything in its path. Excellent grind stuff!

And because everything coming to its end, so does also this part of the split. The last song is “I Cum Poop/Outro” and it’s fitting, with great distorted bass, simplified drums and growling. And it’s simply perfect, as it’s the Outro.

Yes, I have to say I really enjoyed Necrobestiality’s part in this split.

But if you up to now happily clapped to the feel-good music of David the Coprophiliac, it’s time to get serious. Chaos, insanity and all the kvlt stuff reigns supreme with the next offering by GoatSodomizer (Izedis) and Nebiru (R.I.P.), the one and only Enbilulugugal.

By now you know what to expect. The first one is absolutely devastating embodiment of your deepest anxiety and terror in the form of “MaleficHellsodomification of Demonwhores” and Izedis’ vokills evoke a great host of witches being burned…or maybe they just happily dance in hell. Who knows? Who can tell? Certainly not me, but the pain is real here. Ears falling out. This stuff is dangerous!

You can tell the art of making noise is getting better with every Enbilulugugal release. This is just a solid avalanche of noise, but with the second track, “Nekromantic Bulletstorm Winterchaos” we’re served also a demonwarped guitar riffs with almost nonstop drums and continuing screams of tortured souls. I would probably lost my ability to speak after recording this stuff. My hat’s off to guys. The maelström of noise is keep grinding on, and the hell-driven rollercoaster just doesn’t give a damn if you like it or not. The worst thing is – you won’t turn it off. Now you see what it means to be addicted to black noise. You’ve been warned, who reads this lines.

The longest track of the whole split is 3:48 long “Satan Thrashes Upon the Warfucked Body of Christ” and again, although we don’t leave the noise, the song it’s different from previous ones, if for nothing else than this plastic-sounding drum sounds. Izedis wails almost nonstop, Nebiru torturing the guitar and audiowaves keep eating your brain, or what was left of it.

Well, if you lived up to the last song, you would know it’s “Nunfucking Nuklear Sabbath” and as for the title goes, it’s mental. But anything nuklear rules in my book, so you can bet I am enjoying this stuff. It’s quite simplified, but still enjoyable layered with noise, covered with Izedis’ screams and sprinkled with Nebiru’s guitar. It’s the celebration of nuclear winter season and you will be well prepared.

All said and done, it’s really nice to see the progress of Enbilulugugal’s output as heard here. Plus the fact, that it was kvlt before being kvlt was kvlt, makes this one an essential listening.

This is what I’m gonna do now. I’m gonna listen to Britney now. Cos’ I can.