The technical brutal death tsunami from Japan, known as Desecravity, is back and it’s as devastating as you can imagine. The gang around the Yuichi Kudo has changed again, with Yujiro Suzuki back at the guitar and vokills duties, replacing Shogo Tokita, who has stood with the guitar behind the mic on “Orphic Signs”, bringing Daisuke Ichiboshi on bass again and introducing Yuya Takeda as a second guitarist. And they command respect. A lot of it.

Now, with 2019 came also new album, “Anathema”. How does it sound? Well, we’re back with the symphonic intro “Aeon and Ashes” and from the second track “Impure Confrontation” on I am just sitting here relaxed while listening to the promo tracks through my headphones. Why? Well, I tell you why.

I am no expert in technical music stuff, quite on the contrary, I usually prefer simpler stuff, say old school thrash metal and such, and while technically intense music speaks to me as well, it’s mostly on the level “woooooow” and “WTF” with the jaw on the floor rather than as to an expert skilled in all things pentatonic and what have you. So, obviously, I was about the listen to this album with a great caution, but not before I’ve managed to listen to Desecravity’s previous record, the 2012 debut “Implicit Obedience” and 2014 “Orphic Signs”.

So, again, what about the new album itself? Well, tell you this. If you are familiar with their previous stuff, good thing is, guys are still evolving (yes, it’s still possible, although their skills on the previous albums are already on high level) and getting more and more skilled. I usually get a headache trying to follow all the intricate changes, riffs and melodies, all the details in which technical brutal death bands revel, and I am not claiming I could follow Desecravity songs neither, but it’s not that headache, on the contrary – it’s more welcoming and soothing. I know, strange expression, but I guess it’s also thanks to skills of Dan Swanö, who has mixed and mastered this album. Kudos, it sounds great.

Also, and I am almost sorry to say that, as Shogo is not a bad singer, but bringing back Yujiro was an excellent choice.

The album contains 8 tracks (intro + 7 songs), in almost 32 minutes (31:54), and to pick up some favourites is almost impossible, but if you press me for some – “Omnious Harbinger”, “Secret Disloyalty” and “Beheaded White Queen” win. But only close, as the whole album is one hell of a music.

Simply put – if you like brutal death metal, and you haven’t been yet exposed to these Japanese extreme music virtuosos, do yourself a favour and get this album – this is definitely not your average BDM. And if you don’t listen to metal, but like your music being played with a high technical skills, you might consider give it a listen, if for nothing else than to discover some great sounds.

Man, I for sure will go broke quite soon trying to buy all the interesting stuff I encounter, but my hat’s off to Willowtip Records for releasing another great album. Nay, it’s a gem. A true gem and I’m convinced this one will be hard to beat.

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