This Sunday morning is bleak as hell, rain is looming over the horizon, my legs ache, and for some strange reason I can’t concentrate on anything.

I guess that’s the best setting to just make a hot coffee (keep ‘em comin’), put my poor legs on the table and put some good musick in.

And because I still haven’t gone through the latest mammooth joblot of CDs I’ve got the last time I went on the shopping spree, I just took random one. Why not, right?

It turns out this is the only full-length by Howling (coming from 2013), called “A Beast Conceived” and released through Razorback Records. And if you are familiar with what Billy Nocera likes, then you know we’re being served a nice bloody chunks of old school metal.

Vanessa Nocera (vokills)

Howling is indeed playing death/thrash metal the old way, with horror lyrics, although from time to time I’ve caught hints of some stoner tunes and maybe old Black Sabbath. Although not as furious and insane as one and only Lori Bravo (Nuclear Death, Raped), Vanessa Nocera is on the vokills and she does kill it with a grandeur. One would quite easily mistaken her for a male singer. Yeah, more female vokills in extreme metal, please!

Tony P. (guitars)

Although I am usually doing a track-by-track review, I’m gonna make the exception here, because the whole album is on the same level. I know, it might mean anything, but in this case, I mean it’s good, nah, it’s very good and pleasing to one’s ears, but I have to especially mention the guitar solos, some of them just sound incredibly heavy metal-ish, like stuff Scorpions or Helloween would do! Am I complaining? Am I fuck! This kind of unexpected surprise just add an extra chunky layer of happiness for this weary and tired metalhead.

Elektrokutioner (drums)

But that metalhead is now refreshed (told you, these bloody chunks of music meat work!) and ready to headbang and playing his trusty air-guitar for days to come.

I’ve just checked and this CD is still available from Razorback Records, now even in the super-sale, so you have absolutely no excuse not to get it. And not to forget – it has a nice booklet, it’s really great some labels still do it the right way.

Get it at: