Jim Strange Answers his Job Interview Questions

As a new member of Rubber Axe Webzine, I would like to introduce myself with an interview between Myself and (currently) Portand, Oregon’s own, JIM STRANGE. Captain Strange has been recording under his name, JIM STRANGE for roughly 9 years. First being featured on Devil’s Ruin Records “Rodentagogue: The Best of Dark Roots Music Volume II” in 2010.


Izedis: Hello JIM STRANGE and thank you kindly for this super awesome interview. My first question would be in the form of this: Please tell us at what age you first picked up a guitar and at what age you started your first “musical project”…

Jim Strange: First picked up a guitar around age 12, first project was age 17, first listenable project was much, much later.

Izedis: Where do you currently reside?

Jim Strange: I currently reside in the totalitarian hellhole known as Portland Oregon but am hoping to change this very soon. Any magic this city once had is long, long gone.

Izedis: Where do you get ideas from in your lyric writing?

Jim Strange: Mostly just from watching the world fall apart, and more and more lately, scripture.I rode the horse known as nihilism as far as it would go, time to tap a deeper well.

Izedis: How many albums, EPs and otherwise have you released? Are there any you’re most proud of?

Jim Strange: I think i’m up to 7. Pox Americana was probably the most polished, my latest, The Last Living Option, is my personal favorite.

Izedis: Ok, can you please describe who your biggest musical influence is?

Jim Strange: I’ve been known to steal pretty heavily from Marty Robbins and Peter Steele.

Izedis: I was informed that you have your own studio. What is it called? Tell us about the studio and what kind of services you offer.

Jim Strange: It’s currently called Black Door Sound, mostly just recording local singer songwriter types but do the occasional mixing/mastering gig. The learning curve is steep but in the long run going DIY will save you a fortune.

Izedis: Do you play live? If so, how often? And have you ever toured?

Jim Strange: Not much these days. The older I get the more I realize that almost everything currently in vogue is yet another tentacle of the luciferian death cult sucking this planet dry and the less I want to be a part of it.

Izedis: Have you ever worked with a record label of any kind?

Jim Strange: I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few songs featured on the Death Roots Syndicate net label and once upon a time was on a Rodentia dark roots compilation.

Izedis: Do you have any goals for the future?

Jim Strange: Make music and delay death long enough to make amends for a life of wicked deeds.

Izedis: Thanks Jim for being my first interview victim for Rubber Axe Webzine. Any last words?

Jim Strange: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Bandcamp: http://jimstrange.com

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Izedis is the main member of the cult ensemble Enbilulugugal and the driving force behind Dipsomaniac Distilleries and Death Roots Syndicate. His musickal tastes let many to discover great but obscure acts and releases. He is one hell of a cool dude.

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