Been sent this via my IG account and as I haven’t listened to anything EBM/electronic related for quite a some time, you know, there’s really no reason not to give it a try.

ViVi Vex

I will be the first to admit I am no expert in the genre, having only two outcomes – either I like something or not. On one hand, it’s an advantage, of course, as I am not going through the stuff bored as hell thinking “Oh, here’s another clone of …. (add whatever EBM artist you want)”, on the other hand, it’s a disadvantage as I might ramble about something other people would look down at. Nevermind.

“Transmission 1: Iconoclastic F4g0t” contains 3 songs in total of little over 10 minutes and I’d say it presents a good release. Not boringly long, not too short, just in the middle. As I usually say – if I can listen it through my work-break, it’s perfect length-wise.

Musically, well, it’s EBM/electro/industrial (and I am pretty sure you can come up with a few more genre names) and I’d say, it sounds very familiar, which is not unusual, given the genre long and rich history.

“Reject Hymn”, the opening track, definitely sounds like something I’d heard before, reminding me of Wumpscut and little of VNV Nation (which I haven’t listened to in ages, dear Lord!). But don’t get it as a criticism, the stuff’s good.

“freedomme”, the second track is even better, in my honest opinion. It’s the same style, that’s true, but it’s catchier and with a definite hit atmosphere. My favourite and my pick from this EP, based on the melodicity and aforementioned catchiness, however, the highlight of this release is, IMHO, the final track…

…which is “iPreach Databending Faith” and the opening sequence wouldn’t let you guess what a wild ride this song is. Oh yeah, that’s something I can listen to when I am angry at the world (or anything else). I like the unexpected breakdowns there and although – again – it might have been used before (and what’s new under the sun nowadays, right?), it creates a perfect mood for today.

I definitely like this stuff, especially for my current mood, which is far from happy-clappy, and more in line with this cold, machine-like mental state.

So, summed all this up – this girl (ViVi Vex) can be proud of her work, that’s for sure.

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