When I’ve received the digital promo of Old Whiskey Funeral latest album from Jacek , I’d been told to expect something of Darkthrone/Motorhead mix. Of course, what’s not to love with those groups? Therefore I was eagerly anticipating some goodies.

I was on my way to town (walking), so what’s better option than to put headphones on and enjoy the musick step by step? It turned out I did the right thing…but let’s not go far ahead, OK?

Old Whiskey Funeral logo

The album clocks in almost 42 minutes, which – for the reviewer – could be either a prolonged aural torture time or blessing of helluva good tunes.

After the intro “Deliver Us From Evil” we’re firmly into the blackened death territory with “Pitch Black”. For now nothing points to aforementioned Darkthrone or Motorhead influence, but the song is catchy and interesting on its own, the atmosphere is nicely coloured with keyboards and choirs, the vocals are of black metal variety and go along with the music very well. First impression is good!

Old Whiskey Funeral current line up

“Far Beyond the Grace of God” and we’re getting even more catchy, with a little punkish vibe before we’re turning to blackened death/thrash. Melodic, mind you! Thankfully, it’s pretty varied and the parts with only vocals and bass are absolutely my favourite. And the choir!!! I can’t forget the choir, it really gives the song the additional energy. Jacek on vocals alternate between different vocal styles and it works well, as well as the guitar work, which almost makes me dancing. Good solos, good riffs, what more you might want? For almost 8 minutes long song it doesn’t even feels that long. Not many longer songs might claim that.

And now we’re talking Motorhead! “Pull the Trigger” is what Jacek had to have in mind! Definitely Motorheadish, and yeah, you can hear Darkthrone influence here as well. Personally I prefer the simple tunes for their effectivity. OWF proves again that you don’t have to be a guitar genius to make great music. Not that the guys don’t know how to handle the instruments, don’t you worry about that! It’s just fucking great to hear a few well played chords creating the vibrating tune like this one. Fuck yeah!

Old Whiskey Funeral album cover

No more surprises, the music is firmly set in the black/death/thrash territory and “Funeral In The Nebula” confirms it. I give a thumb up for vocals, which are clear enough to actually be able to understand what the singer sings about. And again, I have to commend these guys for melodies, the music seems so familiar – Old Whiskey Funeral definitely speaks my language, and that’s all I care for.

If I don’t count the intro, “Life Fast – Die Hard” is the shortest track on the album, but probably the fastest! This is again proper black’n’roll (with punkish choir of sorts) the way we all like it! Vocals are just excellent here and again, my spirit is lifted up again – and believe, with the workload, I need a lot of uplifting music. I guess this album will be on repeat for some days to come.

Old Whiskey Funeral pic

“Let Me Sleep” returns to the mid-tempo with simple, yet – again – effective, riffing, and the use of two different vocals (one blackish, the other deeper, more majestic) I really like. Also nice passage about 3:30 mark, and after some slowed down, whispered part..whooooa, not, you’re not gonna sleep listening to that, mate! Again, a solid tune in accord to the rest of the album – in other words, if you liked the songs so far, you’re gonna like this one as well. And if not – you’re probably not listening to it now, but it’s your fault.

And finally, the last one, the black’n’roll is on again! “Bury Me In Leather” is the hymn of all of you, fuckers, in leather jackets, battle vests, wearing all those patches and badges! The fitting end of the album is like a tribute to all those old school metal acts…Venom, Destruction, you name it. Another track where simple melody creates a familiar atmosphere. Damn, bring those times back, will you!

Unfortunately, it’s not gonna happen, but Old Whiskey Funeral did a very good job with this album. If you like a nicely produced old school-sounding album with a mixture of black/death/trash/punk(ish) empowered with a spirit of Motorhead and Venom, you can’t go wrong with this one. Horns up and play it fuckin’ loud!