At first I was afraid, I was petr…no, not that one. At first I was not sure what category or releases should I put this one, as obviously, by standard it’s not an album (although, can we attribute music industry’s standards to grindcore?), nor it’s labeled as some EP, but fuck it, it’s a new material from grind maniacs from Providence, called Moinsturizer.

I have to say they have quickly become my second most favourite thing coming from Providence, the first, of course, is good old Howard P. Lovecraft, but not that it matters, for this grinding-powerviolence-fastcore-whathaveyou trio stands on their own and they can handle things pretty well.

This one is their second release, first being “One Dozen Donuts” from a year ago, “Legibly Raw” was released just a few days ago, exactly on the New Year’s Day 2019! And I appreciate someone else has been busy working, not just me!

But let me tell you, this stuff is a killer! 8 fast as a sudden diarrhoea tracks in little more than 8 minutes, these guys put more energy in these 8 minutes than Beatles in their whole career, and you can quote me on that!

Starting with “Filthy Mudball”, this 23 seconds long track will prepare you for what’s coming to you. Proper fast grinding, no excuses, no laziness.

Second is “The Motherfuckin’ Observatory” and it’s again, fast track, whose 36 seconds you will put on repeat. Does anyone say grind can’t be melodic? Moisturizer will prove you wrong. And not just once.

One minute, this is the length of the third song called “Not My Kind of Place”, and although we’re not abandoning machine gun sounds of the drums, the riffing is more of a death/grind variety, which is a welcome change. That’s what you do to keep folks interested, you know.

“Swift Execution” is not exactly swift, for we’re clocking at 1:28, but again, it’s the high level grind with death/grind passages and if you haven’t fallen in love with this band, then there’s no hope for you. Can I offer you a CD of Backstreet Boys instead?

“Can’t Escape the Trees”, well, most of the musicians can write x-minutes long song to show their musicianship and shit, but try pack it all into 29 second. Then go and learn from Moisturizer how to do it the proper way.

“Proximity Based Association” is the second longest track of this release, starting in somewhat more of a fastcore/powerviolence, but that’s definitely not a problem for me. I kinda prefer their short songs, but this is still a killer.

Following this we found the longest track, entitled gloriously as “Blow My Brains Out And Shit On My Entrails”, almost 2 minutes (1:58 to be precise) continuing in the same way as the previous track, and yeah, we all should take notice. These guys will be fucking big in no time!

Finishing with “Starfruit Lemonade”, with almost punkish tune at some point, and a fitting track to close this little release.

OK, time to hit the replay button, I am sure I can spare another 8 minutes listening to this great stuff. And maybe another 8 more again.

Check them out at: