Our tradition of interviewing band we’ve reviewed will continue also in 2019, so today I present this little interview with Chilean brutalizers Uretrocarcinoma, whose demo I’ve reviewed some time ago. Enjoy and have a listen, if you haven’t do so yet!

Hola, cabrones, how are you doing? First of all, can you introduce Uretrocarcinoma to our readers?

Salute, brother! Thank you very much for the interest you have in the band for this interview. Urethrocarcinoma is a Chilean band from Santiago de Chile, which executes a mixed style between the Brutal Death Metal, Goregrind and Slam. Influence comes from every member as they belong to other bands of these styles, which we wanted play with and create this.

Uretrocarcinoma band

How did your band get together at the first place? As the information available shows, only Hemangioma (a.k.a. Francisco) and Metástasis Wenulaf (Camilo) did play previously with other bands (or are still currently engaged in playing with others). Does it mean you’ve got comoplete novices in the band in form of Neoplasia and Adenocarcinoma?

R: Well, the idea to mix these above mentioned styles started with Francisco (Hemangioma) and Rodrigo (Adenocarcinoma), since Francisco is a vocalist of Piggy, Putrid, Hematospermia, and Rodrigo is in Intetinal Extirpation, Gutted Slow. Searching for a drummer, Camilo (Metastasis) is invited he comes from the city of Iquique (northern Chile), belonging to the band Extirpar (Brutal Death Metal) and Pútrido. This is how Uretrocarcinoma started, as we all live nearby, we got together to create ideas to create noise, passing time, with Felipe (Neoplasia) on the bass, he is a bassist in Pútrido and Infected Maggots (a project that does not exist anymore), with Felipe we started working as a band approximately in 2008).

From the demo and song titles to the name and the cover of the promo, it’s obvious you are fans of pathological goregrind. What bands have you been influenced by to start playing?

R: hahaha, yes, brother, what happens is, with Camilo we work together in the health service, so there goes the medical degeneration of the titles and ideas for the band, at the same time also some bands that influence us would be Torsofuck, Mortician, Exhumed, Cephalotripsy, Disgorge (Mex)

In February 2018 you released your first (and so far the only) material in a form of promo/demo “Carcinoma escamoso de uretra metastatico”. What was the response to it and seeing it was also released by Ruido Podrido DIY, what can you tell our readers about the co-operation with this underground label?

R: The demo was released with 2 songs that we recorded in Estudio Subterra, which added to the anxiety of releasing it, hahaha (we have more music created, but when listening to the recording we wanted to share it very quickly). The title of this “Squamous metastatic urethral carcinoma” is associated with the name of the band, based on a play of words (urethra and carcinoma, cancer in the urethra of the penis) Our demo had good acceptance, and we were motivated to continue recording what we were missing, so through Ruido Podrido DIY (label to which I participate) we made some physical copies and began to share them at shows and sending to countries such as Brazil and Spain (check Almorrana DIY Records who supports us over there)

When can we expect a new material to be released? Any info about the progress in writing and practicing new stuff?

R: At the moment the band is stopped because of family issues, but we hope in 2019 we can resume our work, we have songs that were not recorded and some plans designed to continue vomiting crap with great brutality.

As a regular band, do you also play live gigs? Any interesting memories of playing live to share with our readership? Any planned gigs you can tell us about?

R: So far we have played in “Ruido Podrido Festival 2” which was our debut as a band and then there is the “Putrid Grind Festival”, this show was a maximum madness, full of people kicking and flying from the stage, it was very strong hahahaha since there were powerful Chilean bands playing, like: Anarkitran, Matahero, Nun Immolation, Tanatopraxia, Carnosaurus, etc. Well I think that when we come back with new material, we are going to do the “Grotesque Brutality and Putrid Noise Fest 3” which is a show organized from the beginning by Rodrigo.

Chile has quite a strong metal scene, what bands would you recommend to our readers to check from part of the world?

R: There are several bands that are good here in Chile, I will recommend some so they can enjoy their filthy sound: Hail Caligula, Ejaculator Commmand, Batakazzo, Fractura Expuesta, Biopsia, Escoria, Worms, Intoxicated Blood, Decrepit Cadaver, Carniceria Grotesca, Mutilizacion DIseccionica Putrefacta, Menstruonecrocoprofilia, Cunt of Depravity, Ascoculto, Dekaposi, Exinteratus, Me Pica un Coco, Micosis, Alaridos, Enajena, Eskizopilsenex, Esclavitud Mental, Rotten Cannibal, Porky, Grinder Flesh, Visceral, Skullpture, Corvo, Noma and the Big & Fat Ass Attack, Jantrozo, Pubic Ministry, Purulent Mutation, Defacing, Sistema Kanibal, Defragment, Cranial, Esophagus, Anal Flesh, Huesitis, Navaga, Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy, Uden, Diskordia, Halluxvalgus. Some of the bands that I would recommend a lot, I also leave the link of a blog that I am writing about trash hehehe.


For anyone interested in Uretrocarcinoma, do you sell any merchandise fans can be interested in? Continuing with our practice, today I present you, our readers, a nice little interview with Chilean brutalizers Uretrocarcinoma. As you might know, I‘ve reviewed their promo/demo not so long ago, so it‘s about time to see what are those metalheads up to.

R: You can find us on the Uretrocarcinoma Facebook page where we will be announcing material that is about to be launched.


y también por los medios de Ruido Podrido DIY