Steven from this San Antonio, TX band has dropped us a message with their latest single “Veli” for a review, and reviews is what we do! Among other things, of course…

I have been prevented to post this review earlier this week, because, as it usually is the case, the more you plan, the better chance something go wrong, but whatever, here we are.

“Veli” is a really nice technical metal, more on the groove side, but still with pretty brutal edge, and interestingly, it’s not manifested straight away, as they start pretty much with these nice keyboards and rock stuff (like 70s rock), only to change to a clean vocal and great bass line (and you know I love bass!) and then…nice abrupt change and full on attack with growl (but one could still recognize the words) and nice organ. The music itself is full of changes and moods and it’s a shame this end in 3:30 mark, as I am quite willing to listen to stuff like this (and again, I am NOT known to be a fan of technical or virtuoso playing).

This single is a second one from the upcoming new album “Gray Matters” and if it will contain more songs like this one, I am totally in. This stuff is great!




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