I am always eager to explore stuff I haven’t previously pay much attention to and besides just reviewing releases available, I really enjoy learning about people behind different bands and projects. it’s even truer when it comes to the obscure genres. And because I have dedicated a few recent reviews to gorenoise, this horrific, disgusting child of goregrind, I’ve decided to spend some time talking to Felix, the guy behind the Swedish gorenoise act Larvaectomy.

Can you introduce yourself to the readers of the Rubber Axe webzine?

Absolutely! My name is Felix Forsgren (From Sweden, Gothenburg) and I’m a huge Goregrind/Grindcore fan. I am also the guy behind ”Larvaectomy”.

I found Goregrind very early (i think i was about 13 years old) and the genre has stuck with me ever since!

Felix Forsgren

Great! But would you describe “Larvaectomy” as goregrind? I thought it was more of a gorenoise project…right?

Good question! It was definitely meant as a gorenoise project when i started it, but the longer I’ve played the more I’ve felt like trying to change the direction from a gorenoise project into a straight up goregrind project. So right now it’s inbetween gorenoise and goregrind i guess, haha.

One of the questions I like to ask is this one: how did you actually discover the genre? More specifically, gorenoise? Because, let’s be honest, it’s very niche genre and not easily embraced by majority of listeners, even withing the extreme community…

I got into gorenoise years after i got into goregrind, i think the first time I ever heard gorenoise was when Zack Fogle (from Metrorrhagia, SxCxRx and various other projects) started recording with his project Gangrenous Erythromelalgia in 2014! So i was kinda late finding that whole genre actually. After that i found Classic gorenoise like anal birth and such!

Well, talking about 2014 being late, haha…although I have to say I was aware of stuff life Phyllomedusa (if I remember correctly the name) years ago…what was/is the biggest fascination with the genre for you?

Oh yes! Phyllomedusa was definitely a big part of my fascination with gorenoise aswell, really interresting and good project! active stenosis was a huge part of it too even if i view them (or him, back when i found AS in 2011 it was only one dude from greece i think) as more of a harsher goregrind act.

I guess it’s the same as any other noise genre, it’s very absurd, very different and ofcourse very harsh, i grew up with alot of raw black metal and i’ve always had a thing for noisy music! It gives me some kind of kick i find hard to explain, haha.

Oh yeah, I know what you mean! Let’s turn our attention to Larvaectomy. What was the reason or motivation behind starting making music under this moniker?

When i started that project it was just a side project to try out new things I played in a death metal influenced punk/crust band back then but was never really satisfied with it. The name ”Larvaectomy” is kinda a joke on the fact many bands make up bullshit medical terms and end them with ”otomy” or ”ectomy” as many medical procedures does (mainly in the BDM and Slam scene) and i wanted to make a little joke regarding that and coming up with my one joke term, and since it was supposed to be a gorenoise project mainly about disgusting stuff such as medical failures, death, pathology and stuff like that i just chose ”larvae” because i thought ”Larvaectomy” would sound funny i guess.

I always wanted to play any kind of gore-themed music and Larvaectomy ended up being really funny to play around with, so i started to take that project a little more seriously and quit my band (since i wasnt very motivated to play that sort of music anyways) and the rest of it just kinda fell in place i guess, haha

Oh yeah, the best “-ctomy” title for me is probably Nickelbacktomy! Your Bandcamp lists 17 releases by Larvaectomy so far, can you describe the process of creating your musick? Do you follow any concept aside being pathologically oriented?

HAHA oh Lord, never heard about them but that’s hilarious! Good question again, my guy! I try to do something a little different with each project/release so it isnt just the same thing over and over! I take much inspiration from medical journals and blogs by doctors/pathologists and often write about diseases, procedures or deformitys (but not always).

The first larvae release i just asked people i know to send me left over drums and guitars then i just mixed them together and played around with different settings and stuff, after that i started programming drums and started writing riffs to make it actually sound any good while i took it more seriously and stoped viewing it as a side project.

I mostly come up with themes first, then i take a day where i only program drums so i have alot of different drum tracks to work with, after that i write riffs to the drum tracks i like the most and record them, after that i record vocals (often two times) to make them sound a little deeper

As of now i just got some new equipment that Im very excited to start using! I also started programming the drums differently to give them more of that metal can type snare that bands like Inopexia, LDOH and Active Stenosis uses.

I Will drop a compilation this week and that compilation Will be the last release recorded with my old equipment and old drum sound, so Im very excited about that!

Mentioning the equipment, what equpment are you actually using? What about samples, are you fan of movie samples in music, whether in intros or incorporated into songs themselves?

I have very poor equipment, i got this small guitar speaker called ”Lahey Hardcore Max” and a pretty good 7-Stringed Ibanez guitar (wich i bought a long time ago when i had a little bit more money)

I have no pedals as of now either and got a ”RØDE INT USB” mic (just got it working) that Im recording Both vocals and guitar through so it’s definitely not optimal equipment, haha.

I will get better gear and pedals at the end of this year when my new job starts paying of, haha!

I love movie samples very much, always been a fan of them too. I think they add to the vibe of whatever you do (can be a bit to much of there are more intros/samples than actual music tho) so i try using them with moderation and where i think they fit the most and benefits to the song/sound haha.

I sometimes use music from old Gameboy games too, they often sound weird and give of a certain vibe i really enjoy.

True!!! Very true! By the way, I can’t resist to ask, why those gorenoise releases usually tend to be quite short? Are you (and other artists) afraid listeners couldn’t bear longer compositions?

Haha yeah I’ve wondered myself about the length of gorenoise releases, and i think that might be the case, either that or they don’t feel like recording longer releases. Most of my songs are very short (i think the longest larvae track is somewhere around 1 min and 30 sec) and i can’t really give you a straight answer there, haha.

As for Larvaectomy, what are the plans for the near future? Any new songs in works?

Yes, definitely! i got this insane 12-way split coming out as soon as all the other projects are Done

Im dropping a compilation album (my third Comp album) with most of the songs from my latest EP’s and splits (and some bonus stuff aswell).

After that Im going to record a small EP with the new gear and drum sound mostly for test but also because i got some ideas i really want to make into an EP.

After all that me and Fogle are going to record a Metrorrhagia / Larvaectomy split (wich I’m honestly super stoked about since he has been a huge inspiration since i found him back In 2013).

So there are definitely things in motion!

Oh, yeah, that 12way split, I got to know you when Raul from Dilofaria Immitis mentioned the artists involved to me!

That’s really cool! Yeah Raul is a great dude, Im very excited about the 12-way! Ive worked with some of the artists on that release before (on my 8-way split) and i think everyone involved with this split is great!

World is really small!?

Yes, it is indeed!

Mentioning Zack Fogle, you have dedicated (or tributed) your debut EP to him. Can you tell us the reason for such a honor?

Zack Wedgehouse Larvaectomy
Nidor Vomitalis EP, dedicated to Zack Fogle

Yes! He has always been a inspiration for making everything myself, as he always Made logos, artwork, drums, guitar and vocals himself i got really inspired to do so aswell (even tho i only mixed and did vocals on that EP, haha) i mostly just thought it would be a fun thing to do for a first release, so i asked him if that would be okay and he thought it was a fun Idea!

Zack Fogle is actually a part of the 12 way too, under the name ”Toxoplasmosis”.

Well, but as with many other artists, you are not content just with one project, right?

I got a few different projects! I got Korvaz (wich is a ”harsh ambent” side project just for fun) i got Intestinal Pancake (also a side project just for fun, it’s cybergrind and i don’t even think I’ve released the only demo i recorded with that project, so i might drop that this week too, haha)

Besides from those i have a couple of projects with Ivar Malm, a personal friend of mine here in sweden! We got Coronary Artery Bypass (our first project where we both perform vocals, he programs drums and i play bass, very noisy and primitive) we got Paradientology (a project that is entirely about gum/teeth/mouth diseases, in this project I program drums and he plays bass, i think we both did vocals there too, if I remember correctly) and we got our two new primitive joke gore/grind projects ”Rutten Prutt” and ”Koblaja” (meaning ”Rotten Fart” & ”Cow shit” in swedish) the first one got a EP coming out soon! The second project, ”Koblaja”, got a EP recorded just some weeks ago, alot about cows, shit, farms and dumb shit like that! On that project i think Ivar did all the drums (as well as in rutten prutt) and I think he did all the guitars/bass as well? I don’t remember, might be programmed, I did the vocals anyhow, and, of course, the artwork!

All releases got artwork and logos made by me by the way, forgot to mention that, haha!

Well, little self-promotion never hurts!!! Coming to the end of this nice conversation, any message to our readers?

Hahaha true true! Hmm, if you want to do Gore, DO IT! And also, don’t hurt people, that sucks, haha!!