From Sweden with gorenoise (chatting with Ivar Malm)


Chilling in the dark, damp and unpleasant swamps of the gorenoise genre, I am finding it hard to leave – indeed, with every new release and artist, every new project or band, my interest is getting stronger and stronger. Therefore, I have decided to talk to another gorenoise maniac. Please, welcome Ivar, a. k. a. Gore Infected Pus.

OK, well…so, the first obligatory question: Who’s Ivar Malm? What can you tell us about yourself?

Sup people, my name is Ivar and I am a 23-years old dude that lives in a little city in Sweden named Uddevalla, but in the gore scene I go under the name Gore Infected Pus or Ivar M.

Although I have been in Sweden back in 1998, never been in Uddevalla. I know about your through our mutual friends Felix (of Larvaectomy and a few other projects) and Harry from Bristol’s noisegrinders CxBxFxIxHxFxLxRxE…how’s your local extreme music scene?

Yeah, haha… Uddevalla is a little town that dont get much attention, its 1 hour from Gothenburg but that’s it.

Yes, Felix is my best friend in the gore scene and one of the few persons I share the same hardcore dedication for gore music that Sweden is not well known for, like in my meaning. And yes, I splitted with Harry’s band and he is a super cool guy. Well, Uddevalla has a lot of famous bands – or bands that lives in the small villages nearby – like Nifelheim, Lord Belial etc., but overall I dont like the locals that much. I am one of the few young people in the city that listen to super extreme music and most of the people don’t like goregrind and gorenoise etc. like what I do. Only starter-pack Swedish bands like Dissection, Watain and Dismember, etc.

Ah, I see..still, pretty cool! But let’s focus on your contribution to the musick. How did you start with extreme music? I
assume you haven’t jumped to the gorenoise straight away…

Well, like most of the young people that was born in 90s friends showed me mainstream bands like slipknot etc and i though that was the most brutal stuff ever. then i just wanted too listen too more and more brutal and offensive or disgusting music, i discovered brutal death metal and slam close into that and moved over there in many years (and also of course oldschool death metal and normal grindcore), until I’ve discovered pornogrind,goregrind,cyber and noise and all kinds of strange and gory and perverse stuff. i got obsessed with it and moved hardcore in the scene and rules, and soon later on i started too make my own stuff, alot of it was super bad, but over the years i discovered the charm with it and was going more and more productive over the years untill it exploded in my life.

What do you mean by “it exploded in my life”? Do you live gorenoise 24/7?

Yes, something like that. My whole life is a dedication to the scene. I record stuff every week and sometimes everyday, if i am in the mood. I do split with other projects and bands and collect the merch and cds and all that, so yeah, gore life is at least 90 percent the rule of my whole life and the people in it.

Fuck yeah!!! So, what was the very first project/band of yours and what can you tell us about it?

Of corpse, haha, super sick, well the first very likely gore project that I wanna go out with was a project named Cannibalistic Coprophagia, I programmed drums and cyber elements in a super lo-fi drum programm named hydrogen and I’ve just put disgusting water and spit sound in it. it was like cyber gorenoise. Later on I turned it to a more harsh gorenoise project with water sounds and some of it are like cyber goregrind. Pretty chaotic project in the style, haha, total copro theme over it. Another project I have and am mostly like known for is Corpse From A River Of Frogsperm, which is a more pornogore sound project with super groovy elements and pig grunts. Super many releases from both projects, both super bad stuff anf super good stuff, because I’ve started both when i was barely 18, with no musical skills, haha.

Yeah, I hear you!!! You were or still are active with many more projects, which is quite fantastic, considering for how long you have been creating the music. Which one is personally your favourite and why?

Yeah, hahaha, well I have over 200 projects and like 5 bands I have been in some small rehersal with. I don’t like to just stick to 1 project, beucase in my meaning its alot more fun to spit out so many sick releases as possible to contribute to the true underground, but in grind, noise and death metal. Some of my favourite projects I have is MxIxIxAxWxHxCx – Mangoworm Infestation In A Worthless Human Cadaver – patho-gorenoise I started in, like, 2017 – and Putrefying Bacteria In The Digestive Tract – also patho-gorenoise project I’ve started in, like, 2017-2018 with my closest internet contact Klyve M. Lewis from Shitstench – but the project i think people most recognise me from is the Internet-based primitive caveman slam project Jackhammer Sphincter Removal – me on drum prog and gutturals and Klyve on guitar – super productive with that band and we plan too play live with that in the future.

Yeah, playing live would be killer, as not many gorenoise acts do that! 200 projects, oh my… you also have your own record label called Crackwhore Fetus Records, what can you tell us about it?

Yes for sure, I think Sweden needs more of that in my opinion, why [to be] half-extreme when [you can be] super extreme, aha. Yes, [Crackwhore Fetus Records] is my super small net-and-DIY print-CDr label. I started in, like, 2016, and started to print up super limited releases from my own pocket or release it digitally – like 5-20 copies each release. No rockstar shit, just pure dedication and passion for a super cheap price or trade. For now the pressing is on ice because of the bad economy, but I will get there for sure.

Well, fingers crossed! For those readers who just started to explore the genre (and I hope there are some of those reading this interview as well), which other labels dedicated to gorenoise and similar extreme stuff would you recommend to check? I am convinced you’re gonna mention Regurgitated Stoma Stew for sure, right?

Sure hahaha, I just live my life and don’t care about the fame. I just care about the small community and friends.

Oooh, that’s a hard one. There are so many perfect and sick labels that provide releases for my endless hunger after gore, but, yeah, Viscera Records, Bunch Grenade Records, Alarma Records, Almorrana DIY Records and OF COURSE Regurgitated Stoma Stew, haha – what else?. Bobby M. Maggard is a true legend and I look up to him 100 per cent, have bought from him many times and did 1 split with him, a massive 10 way split. 5 projects each, haha, with my good friend Clit Noise on some intruments, that shares projects with me and lives in the same city.

Wow! That’s great!! Now, the question – what would you say…what is the greatest positive thing on being a part of the gorenoise scene?

True, my dude, and thanks, haha… Well, I would say everything – the people, the acceptance, the easygoing and, of course, the noise and musick. No rockstar behaviour. No rules either and the acceptance, it’s really something else. No plastic scene and no sell-outs or thirst after status.

Getting close to the end of this nice conversation, what are your plans for the near future? Any upcoming releases, splits, CDrs in works?

Sure, my plans for future is to get a job for money consuming to the only thing that matters, GORE AND PATHOLOGY. Yeah, I have upcoming split with Klyve and Adam Rotella from the mighty ANAL BIRTH, with his project Wormclogged Blisters (mine and Klyve’s project for this will be CxMxE). So i bet that will be printed up somewhere. Really nice.

What does it stand for? CxMxE?

Too be honest, i don’ remember hahaha. toooo much stuff to put in the brain hahaha. i bet Klyve will kill me for this, hahaha! Klyve is the guy behind the XXX shit, and i dont mean pornofilms with that hahaha.

Hmmm…now I wonder what did you mean :D

XXX – adult entertainment films, but the X shit always puts in long gorenoise names for shorter names. It was something to censor stuff when it started, I think. Easily offended people. And yeah, I understand you that i am confusing, haha… too many beers this weekend haha!

No, not confusing at all, I, of course, know what XXX stands for, I was just curious if there is some other specific meaning… anyway…to finish this nice convo, the final message to the readers? Any friendly shoutouts to friends in gorenoise circles?

Cool, man, haha, yeah, of course, a lot of people I love but a HUGE shotout to Klyve M. Lewis, Felix Forsgren – best human on the planet, Andrea Laurenti, Markus Drescher, Vaggelis Koutsopoulos, Per Palmqvist, Alysa Milano and and Zach Fogle.

Many thanks, Ivar, for the interview!!! All the best and stay sick!

No problem at all! It was very interesting! Cheers and beers and don’t let the society norms take you!