Well, it can’t be a New Year without a portion of slam on the side, right? And because yeah, I’m right, today I’m listening to another oldie-but-goldie.

Put out by Pathologically Explicit Recordings in 2010, this great 3-way split has brought together the best of the slamming BDM – Kraanium (Norway), Epicardiectomy (Czech Republic) and Dormant Carnivore (Russia).

Kraanium (Norway)

Now, to talk about Kraanium would be probably useless, but still…these Norwegian guys are fucking awesome and their musick is top notch, as a proof not everyone from Scandinavia has to play black metal, lol. I am always have a good laugh browsing the song titles, knowing they probably induce some heart attack to people not used to tongue-in-cheek this musickal style presents. Yeah, ardent feminists could write books about the supposed mysogyny and the violence against women, but c’mon…

Epicardiectomy (Czech Republic)

After 5 bloody, chunky portions of Kraanium’s awesomeness we have Czech slammasters Epicardiectomy and suddenly we are crawling in the sewer of slowly decomposing corpses. I guess I prefer this slow-ish approach to SBDM, as it evokes this unstoppable spreading of sickness. Not that guys can’t play faster, they certainly can (that snare sound, oh yeah!). Fucking terrific stuff! Epicardiectomy just proves slam can be inventive and not boring (case in point, “Rancid Flesh Copulation”). Simple, yet effective and interesting, say what you want about it.

Dormant Carnivore (Russia)

And the third band, Russian brutal deathers Dormant Carnivore and their 4 songs. From the very first song, “Defile the Temple of Thy Womb”, you notice vocals are quite drowned in the musick, but that’s not much of a problem. From Czech slow slammers we’re getting back to this energized slamming fun and because guys know how to keep things interesting, their musick brings enough changes not to bore the listener to tears. A little better production might make things even better, but hey – let’s be glad we have what we have.

Damn….I have no idea how these almost 40 minutes flew by! Well, I am sure the time was well spent listening to this great CD. Also, the production of the CD is spotless. So, go look for it and get it, you won’t regret it. And that’s the bottom line.