Hey, Klyve, thanks for your time doing this interview! How are you doing these days?

Gory greetings, and thank you for having me for this interview. I’m currently enjoying a nice cold beer after a long day at work paired with some Last Days of Humanity to cleanse my ears of having to listen to the radio all day at work. Its very annoying. But yeah, living the gore life! Ignoring a lot of the bullshit of the world and focusing on my future and goals. Fucking sicknessssss!!!!

Well, for those who doesn’t know you…let’s introduce you to the readership of the Rubber Axe webzine…who’s Klyve M. Lewis?

Klyve M. Lewis feature image gore

I am a total gore freak and metalhead from the shitty little east coast of Canada. Like my profile on FB says: Gorenoise, goregrind, splatter gore film, slam, pornogore, noisecore, bongs, weed, tobacco and beer! That is my life. I’m not very social and really don’t have many common interests with people. But that is OK with me. I know there are plenty of sickos out there in the world, just need to find them. I have many, many projects and bands of different extreme metal styles. I have an old school metal mentality and I like low quality things in my music and media. I run a goregrind/gorenoise label called Fermented Noise Splatter and I do limited releases of CDrs. D.I.Y. for life! No passion for fashion, its a matter of splatter!

We’re firmly in the fringe genre of anything-gore 🙂 gorenoise, goregrind, slamming brutal death metal and there’s a lot to talk about! But first things first. It’s quite evident one doesn’t just wake up one day and start listening to the extreme genres like these mentioned. So, what was your journey as a music fan…how did you ended up listening to gorenoise, what was your entry “drug”, so to speak?

I’m one of the most extreme and persistent noise artists in the “scene” right now. Others being Bobby Maggard, Bob Macabre, Ben Gaudet, Gage Black etc…but my first exposure to the infection was back around 2015 or 2016. The first and i heard was Urinary Tract Infection from Severe Pus Clots. And then my love for gorenoise extended to more home-made projects such as Punctured Esophagus, Biocyst, Urine Festival, Last Days of Humanity, Anal Birth and all of their side projects. But if i had to name one band or person who influenced me, it would be Bobby Maggard.

Also Disgorgement of Intestial Lymphatic Suppuration and Pustulosis where a big influence on my early shit. And early 90s Gut…

Its not even just early goregrind that influences me, but death metal too – Cannibal Corpse, Vomitory, Severe Torture, Pustulated, Human Mincer, Amputated, Razor Rape, Gastorrexis etc… The list goes on and fucking on.

Oh, we can spend a day or two naming people, haha…but yeah, Bobby Maggard [check an interview with him here] is a big influence for many, that’s no doubt, along with Adam Rotella [check an interview with him here]…have you thought about making your own gorenoise stuff right away, or that has come over the time…?

Yeah, Bobby and Adam are two of the sickest and lo-fi gore fanatics ever to exist. No doubt. But for me, we all have to start somewhere, and my first project was called Posthumous of the Extirpated Cadavers, it was very shittly played goregrind with random samples I found on the internet. The next real project i had was Shitstench which drawn much of its inspiration from Autophagia. Gotta love Bandcamp for deleting my entire discography. Fucking bullshit. But I have a bit of a following with that project, i even did a split with Bobby’s project, Hydrocephalus. And recently I’ve released a full album of that band entitled “Have A Nice Decay”. But yeah, I got into metal around 2015 and by 2016 I was making my own projects. And its been a fucking insane ride ever since!!!

Yeah, I have to say, the Bandcamp’s freaking out over the gorenoise/goregrind stuff (which they linked to that shooting by the guy who was singer in Menstrual Munchies, if I remember correctly) was one of the most hypocritical things one could witness on the Internet recently. To deal with the issue of censorship a bit more..what’s your take on the whole issue?

Ahh, censorship. I’m glad you asked. Censorship is the death of freedom of expression. Censorship is protecting you from reality. Just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it has to be banned for everyone, because there could be people who do enjoy it. Youtube is a prime example of censorship gone totally wrong, OK? What the fuck. My video gets deleted and my channel (Fermented Noise Splatter) gets a strike, because I showed a fake dead corpse or a side tit or a fucking monkey jerking off. Yet Youtube allows tons of content that clearly goes against their policies, do you know why they are keeping those video up? Because it makes them money. That’s it. There are tons of real and fake tits and soft-core porn on Youtube, yet I get banned. I swear someone is reporting me and on top of that, my Shistench’s Bandcamp got deleted, so fuck censorship, it’s for the weak, it’s for people who can’t handle reality and it’s for profit. SO FUCK IT!

Do you think of any replacement ways to get your stuff back online?

I have most of my stuff (2020 and up) backed up on my computer so I can always reupload it, although some stuff of mine is lost media. I can’t mention the amount of laptops and hard drives I’ve blown through that are corrupted and completely broken. That’s why from now on, I make physical (CDrs) of everything I release. Like Bobby [Maggard] does.

I’m a gore anomaly, you will never get a complete collection of the shit I’ve done, even if you’re a hardcore collector.

Talking about the material recorded…gorenoise/goregrind artists are known (well, at least some of them) to have a huge – and I mean HUUUUGE – list of projects and a lot of discographies with them…how about you? How many projects do you have, which are still active and – I guess the most important thing – why so many? What’s the difference between them so it warrants the need of making new projects?

Fantastic question and I adore your fascination with the genre. I have many projects not all of which are gorenoise, but all of them are 1000% guaranteed SICK. I would have to say in total around 20 active projects and 100 inactive past projects. But I want to revive some of those projects. The only thing that’s stopping me from recording more frequently is my living situation, I currently live in a shithole apartment that i hate, and I can’t make too much noise past a certain time, and on top of that I have to work full time. So it’s hard for me even to keep this many projects. But I still do it, because it is my life passion. I have played live with some of my projects with my gore brother, Ben. He is in some sick bands suck as Rhabomyeolosis, Amebiasis, Waste of Space…etc. Check out his Youtube channel: Bloater. But yeah during all the years that I’ve been in “the gorenoise scene” I’ve accumulated a lot of projects. And each project has a slightly different sound. Of course to posers, they wouldn’t notice, but to me, it’s pure art. And I have an ear for noise.

Yeah, I guess that’s the most important thing – to appreciated the art for what it is. Thanks to internet, fringe genres, like HNW, noise/noisecore, gorenoise etc. are getting more and more exposure…do you think it’s also why there is some kind of an explosion of the genre in recent years? Do you think genre like gorenoise will come out from the dark corners to be more appreciated?

Personally, I think it should stay underground. The more unknown to the general public the better. It’s cringy ass shit that’s killing the gorenoise scene. Popular meme culture and Reddit trends, it’s not about that. Gorenoise and goregrind is about death. And decomposition. I don’t care if it’s more appreciated. Horror movies and gorenoise go hand in hand and if anyone’s going to get into gore music I think a good gateway is horror movies/splatter flix. Gorenoise wasn’t meant for normal people. It never should or will gain exposure.

One of the greatest aspects of the gorenoise scene is networking, which is something I consider really amazing, given the fact that majority of people involved are usually introverts… let’s talk about it for a second and let’s give a shout out to the people who deserve it! Can you name some of the great gorenoise folks you’ve had the privilege to collaborate over the years?

Yeah, it’s fucked, honestly, because if it wasn’t for the internet, I wouldn’t be able to find anyone with similar interests. Where I’m at in Canada is just a complete poser fest, literally NO ONE – and I repeat – NO ONE fucking understands or appreciates the true metal head lifestyle, sure there maybe a few but they will eventually sell out! They are fucking POSERS! Everyone I’m around 24/7 is total deer in the headlights, dick in the mouth to death metal, grindcore, goregrind, gorenoise, slam, noisecore, all of it. Fuck them. And I am a introvert truly. But put me in front of people who know a thing or two about grind and I will befriend them. That’s why I’ve always wanted to go to OEF (Obscene Extreme Fest) and I’m fucking jealous of all who go. I want to fucking go. But I need a passport. That’s where the real goresickos are at. But, yeah, if I had to shout out any names: Bobby Maggard, Bob Macabre, Adam Rotella, Luke Farmer (Bitch Snapper), Ben Gaudet (Bloater), Gage (Gage the Gangrene Junkie), Kevyn Vomitnoise, Cigue Flore, Jackson and Charlie of Rhabomyeolic Seizure, Andy of Hypermesis, Olga [interview with here here], Seizure Greg, Jon B Zombie (you’re sick bro!), Slam Wedgehouse [interview here], Autophagia, Ivar Malm (he sold out unfortunately)[interview here] and yeah! Etc..…

OK, now I need an explanation…what do you mean by Ivar (who I did an interview too a few years ago) selling out? Can a gorenoise artist actually sell out?

During the years of 2018 to 2022 me and Ivar were the closest gore brothers you could ever imagine. He inspired me so much on the gore lifestyle that I am still living to this day. But something happened. He got into his first relationship. And its all downhill from there. We had a killer band called Jackhammer Sphincter Removal. Putrid hateful primitive gore cellar slam. And we made 3 sick albums. But during the creation of the 4th album he was losing interest. He said he no longer wanted mysogynist themes or random gore and nothing offensive. I was shocked and appalled by this. This sudden change in character was due to his obese landwhales he calls girlfriends but are really hindering his creative and mental state. He may think that it’s better for him but it’s only going to leave him broken-hearted, stranded, divorced or cucked. I feel bad for the guy but its nothing I’ve done.

Well, that might be a bit harsh, I guess…to Ivar and to his girfriend/wife/partner, don’t you think? It’s not like a person has to be chained to one genre forever…and as far as I know Ivar still creates noise art, doesn’t he?

Yes, actually. Me and him have settled our differences and are actually making new projects. But he’s not the same. I miss the ultra brutal Ivar, but at least he is back in action to an extent. Currently we are working on projects such as Globozoospermia and Rotten Deformity.

You gotta understand this guy was the most brutal motherfucker ever. At one point.

It’s still hard for me to understand how he could change over a women that much.

Ah, a woman can do miracles and unbelievable things to a man, trust me, been there. But I’m really glad to hear that you’re having a cooperation again. Now, you’ve touched upon a subject I’d like to know your opinion on…mysogyny. Today there’s a lot of talk about this particular subject… so, mysogyny and you (and your projects), what’s your take on it?

I believe that mysogeny – or however the fuck you spell it – is a accommodation to slam death metal. I believe that in extreme metal, nothing should be off limits. (And yes that means that stupid shit like First Days of Humanity can exist) but i believe that real brutal shit like the REAL Last Days of Humanity or Inopexia or Human Atrocity will always beat it out. Because real goregrind doesn’t give a fuck about your sensitive feelings, it wants you DEAD. I think metal at heart is nihilistic mostly, or satanic. But some bands truly hate women and there is nothing wrong with that. Just like how there is nothing wrong with an all-female band hating on men. I don’t care. As long as the music is good. And when it comes to relationships, that’s a different story. But, yeah, it’s extreme metal. Do whatever you want. But keep it mind the brutal shit is the real shit. No limits.

OK, let’s go back to the musick. You also run a small DIY label for your releases. Can you spare some words about it? When have you started with it, what was the purpose and is it just a distro for your projects’ stuff in physical form?

Oh yesssss. Fermented Noise Splatter Records. D.I.Y. shitty CDrs of the worst horrendous noise possible, ha ha ha ha ha. I’ve had this label for around 2 years now, it was previously known as Sewer Scuzz Noise but I’ve quickly changed it. I have a fuckton – and I mean a fuckon – of stuff I’d like to release on CD and tape, but I just have too much shit honestly and my budget can’t afford to print all these fucking releases. It’s too expensive. The price of ink these days – let alone paper and CDs – is insane… I mean I’m just one guy working a blue collar job, fuck. Luckily I have my supporters who buy some of my shit which makes me a bit of cash but at the end of the day, I put way more into it than I make from it. Which is fine. Cheap gore for discount prices! In the future I plan to just be like Regurgitated Stoma Stew Records – consistant, putrid, apalling, disgusting and sick.

It’s not about money, it’s mostly about having physical media which is important in this digital age.

Digital’s worthless shit.

I’ve had over 300 releases on this label.

Cool, that’s something to look forward to! Now, I am still an avid reader of printed stuff, although it’s slowly changing towards the online reading (thanks for the rising postage rates, grrrr). How about you, do you enjoy any underground press? What are your favourite publications, if any?

Fuck, I wish. If your referring to zines than I definitely don’t own any. If I was in the 80 or 90s (I wish), then maybe…

Oh, yeah, there were so many great ones, and some are still existing…anyway, what are you working on these days, what can we expect from you in the near future?

I’m just working on playing shows in my area, showing posers what real gore is all about. And releasing sick patho-putrefactive splatter noise on my label. I’m filming a gore movie sometime soon as well. I’m soon getting a big fat pack from Ivar, full of movies, masks and his battle jacket. I can say sith confidence that I’m the most brutal motherfucker in Canada. If you wan to debate it – FIGHT ME!

Oh, glad that you mentioning it…you playing live? Wow, now that’s not that usual for gorenoise artists…tell me more about it!

Yeah, I’ve played live a few times in the past, once back in 2018 with Paedogoretopsy (the vocalist turned out to be a poser), Anal Ulcer, Penile Conjunctivitis, and I played with Shitstench, which is a one-man project (me) in 2023. The latest show I’ve done was the sickest, I played in New Brunswick, which is a state over from Nova Scotia (where I live) with Amebiasis, Rhabdomeyolic Seizure, Bloated Whore and my bands: Mucogangrenous Gastropurulence and Genital Filariasis. In June I will play [live] again. It’s so fun playing live.

How do you view other artists in the genre, do you view them as a competition you try to out-do, or is it more of a kindred spirits-like thing?

I love many and most goregrind/noise artists. Bands like Thanatomorphose, Vomit Breath, Cannibe, Oxidised Razor, Disgorged Foetus, Uterovaginalpeste, etc etc etc. One of my goals actually is to collect as many CDs and tapes as I possibly can. I want a massive collection, which I’m working on for a few years now. You could say I’m a gore hoarder. I support other artists by listening and if I think it’s good enough I will buy it. But money is the main issue with my life I would say. Hahaha – as it is for most people.

There is no competition in the noise scene other than to create the most brutal or lo-fi or weird sounding shit imaginable.

I’m a prolific extreme metal fan you could say.

And horror movies have a big [Klyve wrote it as a “bug” first – Ed.] impact on my music as well, since many bands that inspired me such as Mortician use samples from movies.

Well, nothing’s wrong with the bug impact either There’s a running meme about doing split releases (Split, bro?), but splits are quite a feature of the scene and you also have done a few… do you prefer collaboration over the individual releases or vice versa?

To say I’ve done a few splits is an understatement. I’ve done more splits than Agathocles. I love all noise regardless of the type of release, splits are fucking fun with the right people, not to mention fun for the listener, because you get 2 different sounds. Its like getting a double feature of a horror movie double sicknessssss!!!!!

Klyve M. Lewis gore image

You’ve just killed me with your answer, Klyve…because, as we all know, Agathocles and the number of their splits is a stuff of legends! hahaha… However, it’s occured to me that I’d forgotten to ask – what is actually the process of yours creating a project or a release…is it done on the whim, or just spur of the moment, or you follow any pattern?

When I make a demo or a split for any of my one man projects or any project or band, I need to be focused. What usually gets me inspired is looking at gore photos online or watching horror movies. Or listening to any number of depraved pathological gore bands. I draw inspiration to make noise from the exact themes the noise is about. Most of the time, I’m very intoxicated or high – that also helps, hahahaha!

How long does it usually take for a release to be made from start to finish, let’s say, from the idea to the release in the physical form? And talking physicals…tapes or CD/Cdr’s?

It could take days or 2 hours depending on how inspired I am. Tapes are very hard to come by and are expensive and i need to order them online. But with CDrs I can buy them locally and it’s easier. But I’m pissed off at the world for multiple reasons,, one of them is the fact they are trying to make physical media extinct. Fuck that. I’m doing everything I can to make sure that my label is old school D.I.Y. putrid gore sickness and that means FUCK OFF DIGITAL-ONLY MUSIC.

Now, with the view of the new people exploring the vast area of gorenoise musick, for those newbies, what projects and releases from your vast output would you recommend for them to check? Obviously, we’re talking about existing and available stuff, not the “lost media”.

I have alot of recommendations, in this genre in general but of my stuff, my most infamous projects would probably be either Shitstench or Jackhammer Sphincter Removal. But some of my more older or rarest projects that I recommend would be: Genital Filariasis, Anal Ulcer, Stromal Myoma, Reeking Posthumous, Cervical Necropsy, Peptic Testicle Vomitus, Amoebic Brain Abscess, Mucogangrenous Gastropurulence, Bloater Odour, Fecalphagia, Pumped Toxic Waste, Mutative Pathogens, Clogged Gastrostomy Tumour Fluid, Enterorrhagic Septicaemia, Aborted Corpse In a Trashcan, Lobotimies on Retarded Braindead Fetuses, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, Clitstomp, Intrathoracic Empyaema, Thrombocytopenicpsoriasis, Decomposing Cadaver Torso Swollen with Liquideous Discharge Mucus Scabs from Extreme Psoriasis of the Wormclotted Organs, Hypostasis Suggilation and Fistfucked Fetus with Anal Beads up its Dickhole Choking on Mommies Titties while Fingering Out Daddies Asshole.

One just has to love those fantastic names, haha!!!! Anyway, we’re going close to the end of this interview…This might be interesting – what do you consider the most positive…and most negative, on the gorenoise genre? What pleases you the most and – on the contrary – what pisses you off to the max, in connection with gorenoise?

Well, the positive of gorenoise to me is that its fun! And it’s a great way to piss off everyone around you! Only the sickest freaks will enjoy it. And it’s a great way to express yourself, but thats not to say that every expression of gorenoise I enjoy. It’s called GOREnoise and GOREgrind, so if it’s not about GORE, then fuck off! There is no reason to have the genre to be about anything else, other than nihilistic themes and maybe gross things like bugs or poop or something. But I’m seeing a lot of stupid projects nowadays about furries, LGBT and just random stuff. If you want to make that stuff, fine, just stay away from the most extreme genre ever created!!! And I’m also starting to really get annoyed with all these clone bands of LDOH – First Days…, Last Cheeseburgers, Last Bong of Humanity?! The fuck? I keep it brutal and disgusting and gory at ALL times!!! There is no other true way!!!! Gore is reality!!!

And we’re finished, I think!!!! Again, thank you very much for your time, Klyve! And as the tradition goes…any final message for the fans of the genre and the readers of this webzine?

Thank you, man, very appreciated! And cheers and gore to anyone who I’ve known or split with in the scene! This is far from over! The gore and putridity will continue until I’m in the fucking ground decomposed with larvaes eating me! I know my opinion is not shared or the same as most, but I don’t care, the people who need to know will know. Fuck censorship! CHEERS AND GOREEEEEEEE!!!!!

Bandcamp: https://fermentednoisesplatter.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: Klyve M. Lewis