Who would even dream in their feverish, nightmarish dreams I will end up listening to this release? But here I am, listening to Hatchie‘s debut release I‘ve found on Bandcamp. And boy, am I grateful I‘ve decided to go through some categories I don‘t usually frequent…

Harriette Pilbeam (Hatchie)

Hatchie is Harriette Pilbeam from Brisbane, Australia, and she plays – whatever you want to call it: indie pop? Indie rock? Indie poprock? Stuff labels, she plays great music.

Sugar & Spice was released in the end of May 2018 (25th of May, according to Bandcamp) and offers 5 great sounding songs, which remind me mostly of Cranberries. And probably of some more artists as well (Sixpence None The Richer also sprang to my mind), just I can‘t come up with any other names, I am lost in this nice, dreamy music. Any of these 5 songs I can perfectly envision placed in some nice movie (remember Cranberries’ placed in the beginning of You’ve GotMail? That sort of placement) and they just make any day even better.

So,yeah, I am not a diehard indie or alternative fan, as I am more into a heavier stuff, but let’s praise what deserve to be praised.

My favourite track? Sure, it’s “Sure”. 🙂

Get it here!