Honestly, I am not sure if that’s a CD or a CD-R, and I don’t think it’s relevant, but anyway… Ekzema features Olga Tlen on vocals and Cadaverist on guitars (plus, as usual, automated drums) and on this particular release listeners are about to enjoy a short, but very pleasant material.

3 songs and 4:50 of playing time total, this is something I will need to calm down when I am pissed off at work to play during a breaktime, lol.

Anyway, what you have here is great sounding goregrind stuff, titles betray all – Mucus And Phlegm Severely Burst From Cancerous Blastoma, Intestinal Fermented Concotion In Acid Renal Secretes (my personal favourite, if you need to know) and Traces On Asphalt are all likeable and Olga’s vokills is fucking sick and you will find yourself playing the disc again and again.

You can play it here: https://ekzema.bandcamp.com/releases

and in physical format (obviously) as well, if not mistaken, it was released via Vehicular Homicide Productions, so ask around!