Hello, guys, and many thanks for your time to conduct this interview. And without any delay, can you briefly (or in as many
words as you want) introduce yourselves and RC to the readers of Rubber Axe webzine?

I’m Clinton, I make puking sounds sounds into a mic and write lyrics on paper.

And I’m Travis, I program and make sounds for R.C., and I wobble my voice.

How and when did RC have formed? Have you known each other previously or has it been by a chance? How was the name of the band/project picked up?

Clinton: Travis and I have known each other for a number of years. We have always made some kind of crappy music when we get bored. R.C. is just another project in a long line of trash that we’ve done. For this project we started making grim post-apocolyptic industrial music and whats more grim then radioactive children? So, hence the name.

Radioaktive Children

I‘d say the rather nihilistic and bleak atmosphere of doom, gloom and general feeling of an inevitable end of all things covers all your songs, is it due to the overall concept of RC, or just personal feelings and, maybe, a perception of things as they exists? No hope for something good waiting for a mankind?

A little of all of those. Honestly, it would be harder to write songs about the good in humanity rather than the shit that actually went on, is going on, and will continue to go on… bleak.

Let‘s go back in the very beginning…what has inspired you to start getting interested in the music, and especially in relation to EBM/industrial genre you so nicely fit in? As we all have some influences from aleady existing acts and artists, who were those influencing you in the decision of pursuit of „showbusiness“?

We both kind of grew up listening to industrial. Travis was into Ministry, Big Black, early Nine Inch Nails, Throbbing Gristle and Clinton likes his Skinny Puppy and bands that sound like Skinny Puppy, haha.

Let‘s talk now about the music creation. Although both the soft- and hardware is more affordable than ever, it was not always the case. How did you start to create your stuff? In my fooling around ages ago, I have used stuff like FastTracker 2, Fruity Loops and a few others…any similar experiences?

We use Fruity Loops for alot of the basic instrumental tracks; composing, programming, tracking and rendering a single song in an evening usually when we are drinking and hanging out.

So far you have realeased two digital EPs – Coffin Rocket to Hell and Vomit from the Cosmos – both in 2017. How would you describe their content to an interested listener who‘s never heard about RC?

I guess we’ll just keep it simple and say grimey industrial with elements of punk and metal?

How long did it take to record the material? Did you aim only for the EPs, or was the decision to release a shorter stuff due to some, say, financial (as it usually is) or time matters? How has the material beeen received by the listeners?

It literally takes us no money to make this and we usually complete a song in 6 hours or less. Basically any evening we hang out we make a song. In 2017, we made 2 digital EPs and put them together as a self-titled full length CDR that was released on Dispomaniac Distilleries.

Earlier this year, we also recorded a split with the one and only JB Nelson with his project Sundowner Head State on his label Cheap Wine Records. I guess a few people like it, we haven’t received alot of feedback.

With materials recorded and presented via Bandcamp, any plans for any new material to be released in some foreseeable future? If so, can you tell us something more about it?

Yes, there is another 15 song Full Length on the way.

I have to admit I love the use of sound samples (speeches, movie clips etc.) in songs, as they help to identify more closely with the song and its message. How do you find your samples, do you intentionally search for some, or it‘s just „that‘s a cool one, we could use that!“ moment?

Intentionally search. When we finish a song we know exactly what type of samples to look for.

As the Rubber Axe webzine is dedicated to basically all things cultural (and uncultural, lol), let‘s turn our attention to stuff besides the music creation – what stuff do you, guys, listen to nowadays? Let‘s get some recommendations for your fans!

Travis: We have very broad tastes in music but as far as bands that are relevant to what we are doing and can provide some sort of inspiration, we’d have to say old 80s bands that not alot of people talk about like The Fair Sex, Portion Control, X Marks the Pedwalk. Outside of the industrial genre I like Joy Division, Butthole Surfers, Dead Kennedys alot of 80s hardcore and, since I was a teenager in the 90s, alot of Southern California Skatepunk.

Clinton: I am a big fan of black metal bands like Furze, The Horn, Tjolgtjar, and Enbilulugugal. I’m also a really big fan of Blues and darker country, so anything JB Nelson does scratches that itch for sure!

Of course, we can‘t skip the movie section, as you use quite a few movie sound samples in your songs. I‘d guess I won‘t be far off to suggest the post-apocalyptic genre would be one of the favourite ones, but what about other genres, any favorites? Specific movies you feel being influenced by?

(Travis): Tromaville and Roddy Piper Movies haha.

(Clinton): I like B-horror movies, the cheesier the better in my opinion. I stick to the 80’s for most of the movies in my list.

Many thanks for your time, guys!! All the best!!

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