Ah, Enbilulugugal! We haven’t reviewed anything from prolific Izedis for a while, right? Last time it was his split (as Static Goat) with Lalemus (but don’t forget also our other review of the split with Tomhet), I guess it’s time to remedy that situation, especially when currently working on a super-mega-hyper-kill-em-all-interview-to-end-all-interviews with the man himself! OK, it will take a while to finish it, but I am sure it will be one kickass chat!

And that gives me an opportunity to go through Enbilulugugal’s vast discography …and then a thought has occurred to me – why not to review the stuff for the benefit of our readers? Now, I have no doubt you agree with me! What’s even better, you might find some unthinkable strength within yourselves and delve into the deep madness of black noise, of which this project is one of the best proponents.

So, here we go!

First thing to notice is the title of the demo and the titles of the songs. Man, I don’t know how satanically serious Izedis and Nebiru (R.I.P.) were back then (when asking Izedis about it, he’s explained they had just been funny and kvlt, never actually Satanists), but this kind of stuff always make me smile, but it’s that nice jolly amusement when actually enjoying something.

Well, as I have mentioned earlier, we’re in a realm of black noise, and noise it really is. Funny thing to notice is – noise musicians are not doing noise because they don’t know how to play or sing. Quite the opposite, many of them are talented and great – they just fooling around and exploring aural stuff beyond the reach of mainstream musicians.

And that is certainly true of Enbilulugugal and their debut demo from the year 2000 we’re reviewing today.

First song of this 13:29 long demo is “ Satanic Killing Of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night” and you are greeted with a wall of noise created by brutally distorted guitar, reverbed vokills and other unidentified stuff. Although for a listener accustomed to “normal” music this might come as a total blasphemy, on repeated listening this stuff is actually quite listenable.

Second track presents the absolute highlight as related to a song title. Check for yourself: “Hang the Priest’s Head On the Unholy Tree While Sodomizing the Black Goat”. Catchy, ain’t it? 🙂 For a second I tried to imagine the whole process of what’s suggested in the title and it’s just lovely ridiculous. That’s absolute tongue-in-cheek form of art, on the level with dada. But anytime I encounter stuff with song titles like that, I instantly know it’s gonna be fun. OK, maybe Paul Ledney is dead serious about his stuff, but still… Anyway, the second song is ruled by the chaotic solo which is definitely derived from some rock-n-roll song, but in connection with infernal reverb vokills of Izedis and ritualistic drums in background, this one is like a soundtrack on the highway to hell. Or maybe just a dusty road full of thorns…to the same place.

The third aural attack on your sanity is called “Black Vomit Drips From the Altar of the Fallen Jehovah 666”. And you can’t deny that even with the black noise, the actual musicianship – as confirmed by the songwriting of guys in Enbilulugugal – is there and firmly established. Although I have to say I like the previous tracks more, as this one tends to be quite monotonous.

“Final Hour of Christ” is done without drums, if I am not mistaken, just with buzzing guitar solo, distorted and reverbed vokills and growling and unidentified background noise. 2:32 of noise continuing the set up from the previous song… I guess.

And the last one – “Frostfucked Black Metal Goatsodomy” the chaotic black noise at it’s finest. Honestly, this stuff should be in some intense RPG or Silent Hill game. Do you want to go crazy? Put that on repeat, I dare you!
No, seriously, I have to say, I would never anticipate that noise can actually be interesting. And although I haven’t completely succumbed to HNW and similar stuff, I am a proud survivor of madness created by Enbilulugugal. Are you gonna go my way?

Download it here.