After a little break we’re back on the track with yet another interesting release from WitcheR’s discography. The last time, if you remember, we’ve been dealing with their split with Vrag, and now it’s another split, this time with another Hungarian project, Velm.

Just two songs (one each per project), but with both clocking in over 15 minutes.

WitcheR opens the split with “Keresztúton “. And if you follow WitcheR (or at least, the reviews of their material here), you know that you either get a ambient track or the atmospheric black metal one. Well, if you prefer the latter, you are in for a treat, because this song is indeed (mostly) in the atmospheric black metal vein.

Some of the patterns betray Hungarian roots quite well (if you are from that region, or close to it, as I am, you will know), which makes WitcheR even better in my eyes, you know, the nostalgia for the old, plus my Hungarian ancestry…The song, although nicely varied, is basically primitive (not meant in a negative way), with the monotonous drumbeats, usual muddied guitar and nice black metal vocals. In about 2/3 of the tracks’ length we’re switching to ambient for a moment, like being invited for a break, only to be greeted back with the renewed strength and fury. And tell you this, that last part of the song is absolutely fantastic!!!

In short, everything you liked in WitcheR, you have here. By the time of this split, I guess you can say they are well established and as the saying goes – don’t fix what’s not broken.

In Asia (allegedly) they have saying “the same, but different”. That’s absolutely true in the case of Velm and their song featured here, “Földek“. Why? Well, because you have the similar setting to WitcheR, but still you are able to discern between those. This split was Velm’s second release and I like it a lot, they started with the quality level put very very high! I’d need to check their later releases to see if they keep that quality, but this one is top notch, and I will say I like Velm’s input here a little more than WitcheR’s. No offense intended, though!

This release is still available through Rotten Crowz Productions, so if that’s your cup of coffee, than you know what to do!