Today, I am excited to announce that we will be analyzing this new disc containing a blistering live performance from one of Traumatic Static’s favorite extreme electronics projects; INSTITUTION D.0.L. “Caeremonia Inferna Vindobonae” showcases the duo in top form. Although nothing could come close to witnessing the project in person, This disc is a great demonstration of the intensity and passion that goes into the scalding sonic art of I.D.O.L. With a great set-list to welcome first time listeners and please long time fans, I.D.O.L. hit the stage and set the night on fire. Performed and recorded in their home base of Austria, I.D.O.L. school their fellow countrymen in how to properly execute a Death-Industrial performance.

I.D.O.L. have always been a project that take their art very seriously and this translates to the stage flawlessly. When the members are under the lights they are completely in-tune with their artistic personas, Becoming conduits of extreme electronic art of the highest caliber. “Caeremonia Inferna Vindobonae” gives us a glimpse into the world they create before their audiences and welcomes us deep into twisting halls of cerebral darkness and aural experience. Gritty and brutal with no limits placed and nothing held back. This is the grim reality of the world around us filtered through the hands and voices of two very realistic and honest individuals. Let’s begin.

Opening track “Exordioum” slowly rises with the sound of a solemn ceremonial choir chanting a beautiful song amidst a sea of deep sub-bass. Buzzing electronics cloak this in thick sheets as drones start to surface. One gets the sense that they are on the cusp of a crusade about to break loose. The valor of battle charges the air with a palpable energy bringing with it an almost religious sense of inclusion. I.D.O.L. definitely know how to work a crowd. Spoken samples concerning divine principles contrasted against the experience of the here and now are heard as ultra-deep pulses and swirling static fill the air. In other words, I.D.O.L. is engaging their audience to take part in the here and now and fully immerse themselves in the performance alongside them. Bursts of noise ascend, Crack and rain down like pregnant clouds bursting overhead. Metallic percussive elements are utilized as feedback rises in the distance. The initiation thus completed I.D.O.L. begins their ritual of pure creativity

The first of two improvised tracks. “Improvviso I” comes on wandering strands of electricity surrounding obscured samples. Machines begin to whir and move as they come to life. Old-school Industrial rhythms flex their undying mechanical might as a haze of pulsating noise is heard. This soon morphs into a rising/falling drone that spreads out like the panoramic view of an endless ocean. Voices in a foreign tongue speak through varying effects as their statements echo in a biting and venomous tone. The sounds of human suffering, Tragedy, Mass suffering and calamity take center stage among sea-sick drones that waver indifferently beneath. Heavy slamming metallic rhythms pound the audience into total submission as I.D.O.L. make it clear that they’ve come to dominate their spellbound subjects. Clean vocals treated with excellent effects soar above as harsh bursts and scorching feedback attack with planned precision. The overall sound is huge and packs a serious punch. I can only imagine how powerful this must have been in person. Impressive to say the least, Especially for an improvised piece as this sounds like it has been rehearsed to perfection. The hairs on my arms stand at attention like willing soldiers ready to obey their masters to the point of death as I listen to this. A truly stunning performance. I can guarantee anyone present with an ear for extreme electronics must have been utterly floored by this. Bravo.


Dense rumbling quakes and rhythms like bones crunching beneath combat boots create a slow march. Swarming sounds like those of insect carrion fill the empty spaces as landslide movements are heard on loop. Air-raid sirens sound the call to war as the troops march in persistence. Miserable voices come through the air waves bringing with them a tense sense of urgency and despair as the music fades into pure Death Industrial darkness. Static transmissions cut in and out while clicking patterns, glitching manipulations and myriad manner of sonic anomaly are on display. Spoken vocals come. Clean but treated. They echo their grim messages until they become desperate shouts. Things get a little heavier as pedals grind and noises gather. Harsh noise screeches like tires burning rubber while a steady heart-beat throbs in the distance. I.D.O.L. sound just as fierce as they do on studio recordings if not better. Feverish ambiance pervades the senses as gorgeous flowing melodies create a trance inducing aura. An aurora borealis of sound that is more stunning than I can put into words. Unexpected and absolutely spectacular. The range of emotions I.D.O.L. manages to capture in their craft is hard to rival and very impressive. Cascading rivers of sound that wash over the audience and fill every corner of the venue. There are so many sounds so perfectly blended here that I can’t even begin to put it into words. A modern symphony of fragile melodies punctuated by darker themes hidden beneath but discernible to hungry ears. Suddenly what appears to be an Austrian folk song begins to surface. Another surprise that is sure to catch the listener off guard. Different, But it definitely works. The backing electronics are still present and eventually consume all else bringing the track to it’s close.


“Unforeseen Annihilation” is a track I am very familiar with so I was quite excited to hear a live version. Once again here as before the sound is just as good, If not better than the album version. A brief drone opens the door for electronic pulses that form the backbone of the sonic structure. Blades of helicopters slice the air as the repeating beat brings us in deeper. Machine guns fire in the distance as the annihilation makes itself known. This time we have female vocals in English supplied by MK Vermin. Her voice is equally strong as Barbie B’s which makes this team all the more admirable. The lyrics describe the horrors of war and the many deaths it brings with it. This particular track has a very traditional Death Industrial style showing that the genre is alive and well. Hissing noise via filter abuse spreads like gas canisters unloaded against the enemy infecting the atmosphere with a caustic toxin. Deep drones flow with this to ensure that death is present across the entire front-line. A piece that accurately lives up to it’s title.


One last improvisation before the end. “Improvviso II” comes on thick pulsating beats and digital electronic chirps that bring the feeling of time running out. Like some kind of medical device monitoring pulse activity. The rhythms are in quick succession which adds to the overall vibe of time coming to an end. Heavy vibrations follow in trails behind each pulse until they suddenly fall into the background to be replaced by expansive drones and spoken vocal murmurings. The sound here is bleak and at times quite minimal. I couldn’t begin to tell you what kind of gear I.D.O.L. is employing but it sounds top-notch. Strange patterns weave through the air like the fibers of a many colored tapestry spontaneously painting a greater picture. Clicks glitch in and out as wretched shouts and phased spoken words vibrate into the upper atmosphere. Grinding patterns crank and dissipate as additional layers of sound are piled on thick. The sound of large blades dragged across a stone
are heard. Like the reaper sharpening his scythe before a great period of harvest and woe. Like the previous improvisation, This too sounds like it’s been rehearsed but as with many other great artists I’m sure it just comes naturally for I.D.O.L. Factory sounds are heard. Heavy machinery mindlessly trudging on according to it’s masters will. The vocals become absolutely deranged. Manic, Psychotic outbursts are unleashed upon an audience imprisoned by frenzy of the spectacle. And suddenly all fades into silence.

“Moral Conflagration” is another of my favorites among I.D.O.L.’s impressive back catalog and perfect closing piece for the album. Again we have deep pulses, Strange clicks and grim spoken samples. The choirs heard at the start of the performance return and bring a sense of mourning to the grand finale. Electronics are under the precise direction of Barbie B. and MK Vermin and are executed perfectly as on the album version. This is a very haunting piece. Tragic and beautiful. Weeping, Lamentation and despondent screams come along with bitter tears and retching. Pitch shifters are utilized for great dramatic effect and you get a similar feeling as if watching a final death scene in a cinematic master-piece. The album finishes much like if you were to end your night at the graveside of a fresh loss before walking away numb and cold. Power(ful) Electronics.