One kiss is all it takes, sings Dua Lipa and – because no one in their sane mind listen to such trash – I’m gonna paraphrase her silly statement – one gorenoise CDr it takes, to fall in love with the genre! And as a proper “addict” of sorts, it’s only logical (says Mr. Spock) I’m not gonna stop reviewing this long neglected genre of underground extreme music.

Hepephillia/Fibro-Plasia 2018 split

From the pile of releases I’ve acquired recently I’ve randomly picked up this nice split – Hepephilia, which is another project of Ivar Malm from Coprogasm and other nice sounding projects you might already encounter in the reviews in the Rubber Axe webzine, for example here, and Fibro-Plasia is a project of Gavin, who, is the person behind Ear Abrasion Records, the label releasing this CDr.

And altogether you’re gonna – if you dare – enjoy 15 minutes of two different approaches to gorenoise.

First, over 7 minutes from Ivar’s contribution with Hepephillia, entitled “Putrid Anal Fly Infestation of Mass Cancer Infection Session”, but to be honest, almost 2 minutes together account for intro and outro.

The musick here is more of a harsh noise variety and I am little surprised, as I haven’t expected it. It’s harshness is not of earaching variety, which gets a thumb up from me, there’s always something happening in this maelström of sounds. No drums, no rhythm and only a very very – and once more – very distorted vocal serving as another instrument here.

Strangely, I’m becoming more and more accustomed to the noise, to the point of really enjoying is as a strange, weird form of relax. It might be not your New Age rain forest sound, but still, the effect is still the same. At least for me, of course, I bet many people would disagree, but what do they know…?

Fibro-Plasia takes a different approach – first, we have 8 traxxx of untitled fibers (a quote from the cover) here, and this output is balancing on the gorenoise/goregrind edge, with drum machine, lot of hi-hat sounds, pig squeels, insane screams and ocassional distorted vokills, and something resembling bass?

Of course, the drum machine gives the Fibro-Plasia this appealing attitude towards moving forward fast, with some moments when I am getting under the spell of the mechanical beats as of almost industrial noise nature.

Which one is better? Hard to say, really, as it depends on which style you prefer. I, for one, am in favour of Hepephillia’s material here for its therapeutic qualities, although it doesn’t diminish the quality of Fibro-Plasia’s stuff (just to be clear here, OK?)

Available through Ear Abrasion Records either in the CDr form (unless it’s sold out), or as digital release.