I’ve gotten this pack recently from Causticity Productions, 6 CDs and 2 cassettes. I quickly listened to 5 out of the 6 CDs. I had a sneaking suspicion that this EP was going to be different from the bulk of the items.
And it was. Personally I’m not much of a rap guy. But in general when trying something you don’t know much about, there are variables that can help you appreciate what you’re hearing. One being having a respect for the person who gave you the music and having a respect for the person that made the music.

Anyhow – now finally ON TO THE MUSIC! This EP has 5 tracks. It’s not vanilla rap, its horror rap. Opens up with pride for the (313) East Side Detroit. Trappy beats, vocals are enhanced, kind of like the voice of someone who wants their identity protected.
Track two, ya just love the noisy influenced start, the aggressive lyrics, great instrumentation. Mentioning some scary topics. Mentioning Hemdale. Hell yeah! – Nice production. Track 3, and it gets said prior, it’s shout outs to Nekhorosho Records during. NR co released this. As I was listening to this EP I thought I would just sit and play a little Tekken. But then come to find all I needed was to listen to the music. This stuff isn’t to be in the background I say.
Track 4 is definitely my favorite. Jay Watson (arranged all this music) letting this guy have it. Apparently said guy tried saying what was wrong with Jay. Jay lets it be known that the dude doesn’t know s* about him and reminds guy of what a piece of s* he is.
Tracks 2 – 4 really jammed. Track 5 is great, but what it does, is jam a little slower. Actually much slower. I think the beats here are again trap/trappy (cause idk what I’m talking about lol). A nice time and a bassy vocal to go along with the tempo. Its like a vinyl spinning too slow.
A nice time the whole time through. I’d recommend it. Probably, if I’m rating it, it should be out of 10. I’d give this a solid 7 for sure.