It was Edwige Fenech’s birthday a few days ago, so I’ve decided to watch something from her filmography to celebrate with her! Seasoned movie lovers know many of the movies she’s been in, but as I am still catching up, I am looong way to finish it anytime soon. And that’s a good thing, I guess.

And because I am always trying to go chronologically (as far as possible), I’ve chosen a flick from the beginning of her career – Samoa, regina della giungla, also known (not surprisingly) as Samoa, Queen of the Jungle, released in 1968. Yep, we’re going all way to (almost) the beginning of Edwige’s movie career.

And what movie it is! In medias res we are in a middle of a pub brawl (for no reason than to establish some fight cred for the lead character, apparently) and we follow Clint Loman (Roger Browne), the adventurer leading the group of other adventurers and geologists in the search of diamonds deep in the Borneo jungle. The movie itself is a little jungle adventure movie with some stock footage used (although, I will admit, I was not bothered, I actually admire the audacity of the filmmakers in stuff like that and it’s cute), the plot is predictable and once you’ve seen one of these old jungle adventure movies, you can probably safely guess what’s gonna happen. One rape attempt, natives attack and being shot by adventurers…and suddenly they meet beautiful Samoa (Edwige Fenech), a daughter of one previous adventurer choosing to stay with the local tribe, who takes them to their village. Of course, the only thing on the minds of our gang is diamonds! When one of them, Alain (Umberto Ceriani) befriends Yasmin (Femi Benussi), another beautiful village girl, she shows him the cave where natives keep diamonds as a part of their primitive fetish religion.

Well, adventurers are pretty bunch of thieves so it doesn’t take long for them to steal them, fights some natives and flee.

Pursued by Borneo headhunters, another shooting occurs and the gang splits (you know, diamond fever and people are not really willing to share with too many other members), and in the end we are left with Loman and Samoa in a romantic finish. What’s not to love here! Although, truth to be told, Loman is quite an asshole (him treating Samoa is anything but desirable). But, love is love, you know… 🙂

Indeed, the movie is formulaic but we’re here for the eye-candy and that’s Edwige, but I have to say Femi Benussi and Ivy Holzer were not too far behind here! Both actresses are in their 20s and are just incredibly beautiful. And that’s reason enough for watching this movie! Anyone disagreeing?

I was going to talk about the cast and other movies they were in, but honestly, with IMDB (and other pages) at hand, one can readily find that information. But suffice to say, that between them those actors and actresses have been in some amazing Italian exploitation movies and if one is able to find and watch all of those, he would have an excellent time spent with movies! No kidding!