It reads like a title or a tagline from the classic sci-fi/horror from the 1950s, but it’s true. Yes, the Rubber Axe webzine has indeed refused to die – and it’s back!

Yes, there’s still a lot of work to be done, as the change of webhosting services has caused an unexplainable loss of graphics for more than 200 posts (that it, almost all graphics), so there are still posts which need their graphics restored, but in a next few days this should be an issue no more.

In the end of the day, this is an ongoing process of building upon the previous work and making it even better. And there’s no doubt on my side that’s possible.

I have to say I was thinking for some time (basically since I’ve returned from the United Kingdom back home to Slovakia) to run the website in Slovak language only, as I still haven’t abandoned the desire to enrich the cultural life of my fellow countrymen with some great underground, independent, obscure stuff of musick and movies (and, of course, printed material as well, whose importance grows more and more each passing day), and that still is in play, but I’ve come to conclusion it was better to rather make a separate project for that (and some of you might remember that I actually had one back in the day, so I guess another re-launch is on its way, haha).

Anyway, what do you find in the Rubber Axe? Good thing is – everything stays the same, basically, so from the static cracking of HNW through bubbling and gross imagery of gorenoise to the interviews with artists across genres, from the past and the present (and maybe even the future, who knows), everything you’ve loved – or hated – in the old Rubber Axe, you’ll gonna find in the new one as well.

It’s gonna be tough one, though, as there’s more work and life to have outside my desk, but this challenge is gladly accepted.

Therefore, without any further rambling, have a great day!