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No one should cover Metallica!

Lol. I agree. Although Stormlord’s cover of “Creeping Death” is better than original.

When bands cover them, I can’t take them seriously. I heard Cannibal Corpse cover Metallica and it was like the world ended. Why would anyone cover that shitty band?

J. R. Preston of Tjolgtjar

To be honest..up to Black Album I liked them. After that, nope ?

I like the first two albums but when they did Load I can’t forgive them for that. They told people metal was dead. They put on eyeliner and wore frilly shirts like they were in The Jellyfish – which are a better band than Metallica anyway but still. Fuck Metallica for talkin’ shit about Metal and becoming a grunge band. They need to just leave the planet. I have nothing but bad to say about them.

When did u discover extreme musick?

When I was 9 years old. The older kids were listening to it at school and the cool kids had their battery powered radios. So I heard a lot of thrash (if that’s considered extreme.)

It was 5th Grade,so maybe I was 10.

Yeah, I would consider thrash extreme..would u not? Especially in 80s

Metallica was one of them. Slayer, Megadeth, Possessed, etc.. Yeah in the 80s even Twisted Sister was extreme. Just look at them!

Oh, TS were extreme! Now, obviously, relic of an age gone by and ridiculous..but then?

I still consider them better than most bands out today… I don’t care how they dressed. More entertaining than how Metallica dressed like the fucking Allman Brothers. The two thrash bands who knew how to do it were Slayer and Possessed. Now THEY LOOKED like bands.

Slayer in the Show No Mercy Era…

And Hell Awaits.

And after Zero, what did you go forth with, and what style?

I did Blood Cult by myself for a bit, used a drum machine, then I got one of the first drummers from my garage to play drums. I was into really heavy metal, Zero wasn’t. I didn’t want to play regular music. I was heavily into Satanism and their party scene punk rock bullshit wasn’t my bag.

I see…so, you were already into Satanism/occult stuff? How this happened?

The Church and the American press was in the Satanic Panic phase so they were telling everyone that metal was Satanic and not to let your kids listen to it. Naturally, we all instantly turned into Satanists.

It was the best way to rebel against your dumb ass parents and the stupid media. They handed out flyers at my school. They had all these Satanic symbols on them. We all started drawing those symbols EVERYWHERE! The funniest one was the Star of David and the Swastika. They told us those were Satanic too.

Yeah…Satanic Panic was stupid…so a reaction was obvious ? haha. So, did this funny stupid stuff made you look deeper, so to speak, under the lid?

Yes because Geraldo Rivera painted Anton LaVey out to be a MONSTER! He also had Charlie Manson on his show and said he was a horrible person, so I gravitated toward LaVey and Manson. Naturally, I bought the Avon Edition of the Satanic Bible. I was 13 or so when I did that, because I had money which means I was mowing a lot of lawns. I took it seriously.


I still like Charlie and Anton. They’re both dead, proving they weren’t superhuman monsters! The press here sensationalized everything.

Btw…why so much admiration for Manson?

He was an angel.

Can u clarify that a little?

There’s nothing to clarify there, man.

Ok (and, of course, I respect that). And on a little different topic..when did u first learn about Ouija board? What was your initial intention to use it?

When I was a little kid everyone told me that demons could possess you through a ouija board. I thought that would be pretty cool. Then I saw “The Exorcist.” I realized everyone got this idea from the movie, from the ouija being used to contact demons to actual possession of a human being by an evil ancient spirit. That was disappointing so I figured I’d use it anyway, to talk to some dead people. It always came out at parties and we had some really fun times when I was a teen with the ouija boards! So basically my initial intention was to become possessed by demons, but it did not happen, and basically nothing happened besides regular ghost stuff – the planchette moving by itself, lights going out which was probably just a bulb dying. All that kind of kid stuff. Later on I realized I could use it by myself. My friend was already doing it and I thought it was cool and a good experiment in mind over matter. To see if the energy of one man could create spiritual and outside energies. It’s like the lymphatic system in the movie The Brood. Creating a world out of ritual, routine, and introducing the stresses of life into it. It was interesting and fun, and an entire world came from the board and a mirror. An entire, real world.

I should stress that the number one “contacted dead guy” at parties was Randy Rhoads. We all wanted to talk to Randy.

Cool! Well, Ouija always has fascinated me, but I would probably never use it… But in your art it was kinda prominent, right?

One word kept coming up on the board. “t j o l g t j a r.” So instead of just asking questions about Hell or death, I began a serious line of questioning. My friends and I began interrogating whatever it was we were talking to. Now we were detectives! Subjects that fascinated us were addressed such as Lemuria and Atlantis. All kinds of religious or spiritual questions. Many questions about what the afterlife entails truly, or if there is an actual afterlife. Actually “Is there really life” was an even better question which resulted in many sessions explaining dimensions, planets, travel through space, the relationship between “humans” and “aliens.” A story began to unravel over years. I wrote a lot of stuff down and drew things they told me to draw – there were also equations, that don’t make sense to me. Numeric tables of some kind, that today still don’t make much sense. They began to use a consistent language. That fascinated me even more. They said this language (I called it “Tjolgtjarian”) was the original language of all living things. They told me that if I used it, I would be in danger from governments and science because this language is known only to the highest orders. That sentence I just typed at 11:33. Coincidence? Not to me.

It turned out they were right. Something happened and to this day people still write to me asking way too many questions. I stopped having public sessions and I stopped doing lectures. I stopped talking about it. People from the military visited me. People from a certain order visited me and they were quite friendly. In fact, I found out who held the most knowledge about what I call “t j o l g t j a r” through a certain group that I vowed not to talk about. I can only say what I just said.

Omg..now that brings a lot of questions indeed! I can’t help it… How do u view those claiming you have be a purist, “trve”, “kvlt” etc..? Considering you can jump from black metal to surf rock without a problem…what actually was the intention with The Telestars?

Telestars was just a live practice where the other guys made up music and I played guitar to their rhythms. There was no intention of anything. They wanted to record it one night after Blood Cult practice. So we did, and later I mentioned it to Doug at Winter Solace and he released it on tape. I think that album could’ve been better. As for purists, I don’t care about them. They need better hobbies or maybe a fucking job. They are the kids you beat up when you’re 15 and they never got past that shit.

I’ve thought it had been a regular band…and what project/band did you follow with it after that?

I don’t know what the question of what project did I follow it up? You mean the next project I did? Cuz I don’t remember. Telestars is just Blood Cult playing surf rock, nothing more. I would like to explore that genre in a better way than just recording live to a 4 track some night, maybe in the future. I do enjoy that style of guitar playing very much.

So, the question…why did u create Lord of Depression?

Lord of Depression
Lord of Depression

Lord of Depression isn’t my band. I joined it in 2013 or 2014. I first heard the band in 1999 and I really liked it. When I was asked I didn’t hesitate. I played lead guitar. We recorded 4 songs for a split LP with Infernal Sacrament and Tetragrammacide. We played live shows. Lord of Depression is dead now. It’s over.

Yeah, I’ve noticed…but then there is another project.Pyfyxfyru, did I write it right? What can you tell me about this one?

That is a project which wasn’t really going to be anything but I released it anyway because the label was big on “noise” stuff and I thought I could do it. I did it better than all other people, and it was all stuff taken from movies, Tjolgtjar, and Phibbes Experiment songs. Specifically 2001 Phibbes and 2006 Tjolgtjar with Burke from Invictus on drums and vocals. Phibbes also is on vocals. It’s still the only noise record I can listen to, not because I made it but because it’s better than all that shit.

Now wait a second, as you’ve brought some new stuff on the table…Phibbes Experiment? Cooperation with Invictus? I bet I am not the only one with ears ready to listen more on this topic…

Ok. Phibbes used to play bass for Blood Cult in the early stages, and one day, after not seeing him for a year, he showed up at my doorstep with an old Sears Warlock copy guitar and a notebook. The notebook was full of lyrics. We entered my little 8 track studio at the time where all Tjolgtjar and Blood Cult was recorded from 96 until 07. It was one of the funnest, and noisiest projects I ever did. I played drums and Phibbes did the rest. Then I didn’t see him for like 3 years and he recorded some more stuff and we compiled some of it onto “Diary of a Reverse Werewolf” put out by Dipsomaniac and Illinoisan Thunder on CDr. Burke from Invictus played drums on “Tjolgtjarian Mass.” He played on 5 songs actually. He did some vocals on the tape he sent me. His drums were recorded with a one-mic stereo tape recorder which got me really raw drum sounds! When you hear the drum sound change on that album it’s because it’s me playing drums on any song where the drums sound “better.” His playing is better than mine, it was just really raw. Killjoy put out that record on the Baphomet record label.

Actually, only Blood Cult was recorded on my 8-track until 2002. We then began recording at my drummer Lewy’s house. I should have specified that. Tjolgtjar was recorded on that box until 2007.

Damn, I’d have to say your output is impressive, I probably could listen to your stories forever. But as for people, we can badmouth them later, lol…but before we get ourselves immersed into Tjolgtjar and my fave Xexyz, we have to mention also Prairieland Rebels…do you care to share some light on this project/band/whatever it is?

J. R. Preston Tjolgtjar

I’m just badmouthing noise as a genre of “music.” It’s just dudes sitting with a computer or with effects pedals and little toys like they’re playing Super Mario but not accomplishing SHIT. There are good bands in noise such as Enbilulugugal – who i would place more in the Black Metal category than full noise – but the genre itself is for people who aren’t musicians. Instead of thinking in a musical context they are thinking in an inward, egotistical, misguided, mentally retarded context usually. 50 albums of noise sounds is fucking stupid. I’ve heard good noise art, don’t get me wrong – there were really cool things done in the industrial genre, and good soundtracks made that were purely of the “noise variety.” That doesn’t change the fact that 99.9% of it is unusable trash that does nothing for me or any other person who likes music as a thing. If you’re into listening to music, do you want to hear music or just a sound that you can hear while you’re at work? Fuck all that nonsense. Prairieland Rebels started as U.S. Highway 36 named after the road we practiced on. The drummer quit. We got a different drummer Chad Osman and we formed Prairieland Rebels. Chad Osman named the band. In fact, without Chad Osman, Rebels wouldn’t exist, and I’ve been in the band for 10 years now since it started under that different name. I would’ve – and did – quit many times due to musical differences etc.. Chad kept it together. We have a really solid lineup right now. We mostly play covers, but also sometimes the old country tunes from my 2004 one-off country tape that no one has. Rebels is the best band in the local area and no one can touch us. You have the best guitar player, best bassist, and best drummer. Three guys who can play and sing. The local scene’s a drag without us. There are only 2 other bands I can think of that even qualify as actual bands within 100 miles around us. We play gigs when we get paid, and we do some charity shows if the cause is right and just. We do what is right, socially and musically. There’s a bit of controversy about our usage of the Confederate Flag and our certain political persuasion which may keep us out of some clubs – but those clubs aren’t making any fucking money anyway, they wouldn’t be able to pay us.

(to be continued…)