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Michael Adams ,PhD. – Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies: A Film Critic’s Year-Long Quest to Find the Worst Movie Ever Made

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Oh, boy. Oh, boy. I‘ve just realized I could enjoy reading about bad movies more than actually watching them. And I do like reading various encyclopedias, movie guides etc. to find more and more obscure movies one normally just don‘t find unles searching very dilligently.

That‘s where books like the one we‘re gonna review, come handy. For one, I bow before the willingness of the author to go to such lengths, as losing normal sleep hours, tons of money (yep, even bad movies cost money to buy) and risk a falling out with his wife over bad movie dedication. Those of us who‘ve tried that (and who doesn‘t have some kind of (un)healthy hobby, right?) can definitely relate.