Interview with Brian and John from Necrotomy

As you might remember (well, at least those of you who’ve read my review), I’ve really liked material from those Texans. And in what has become a nice tradition for the Rubber Axe webzine, what was the chance I wouldn’t want to find out more about the brutalizers behind that great stuff? Thanks to Brian and John, we have an unique opportunity to learn about some of the definers of the death/grind genre…So, ladies and gentlemen, here comes Necrotomy!

Necrotomy – Indecent Exposure (MCD review)

Another great release from years gone by, this Necrotomy hailed from Texas and I‘ve found them listed in the same issue of Wild Rags magazine (namely the issue #26) as previously reviewed great Swedish old schoolers Altar. Well, I have certainly known nothing of the underground back in 1992, and many kick-ass releases had eluded me, therefore I‘ve decided to give this one a try.