Lovecraftiana in Music (2. part)


Black Temple Below

Lovecraft’s influence upon the extreme genre is different from band to band, from an artist to an artist, that’s obvious. Admiration grows into a fascination, new horizons are discovered…and new music created. “I has always been very fascinated by the mind of H.P. , they way he describes the cosmic boundless horrors in his mind…were they just in his mind? Or are they the reflections of the deepest fears of human beings? I think he managed to combine his occult knowledge (discovered by him thanks to the books of his father and grandfather too) with the terrible nightmare and visions he had almost everyday, creating something unique and powerful… I have not discovered yet another author that could have such big impact on me, in some ways I feel really close to the abominations released on his writings (I think I have always being fascinated by his concept of “horror”…that’s maybe why I’m disappointed with the majority of other “horror” authors), becoming nearly an obsession. Black Temple Below has deeply being influenced by Lovecraft in the lyrics o fsongs like “Under The Pyramids” (inspired by the same-titled short novel) or “Nocturnal Congregation Trough Forgotten Woods”, which describes a ritual where Tsatthoggua, Yid and Azazel are being evocated… The writing of Lovecraft influenced the name of the band itself, which is supposed to be the place of gathering of a secret coven who is planning to invoke the Ancient Ones and sacrificing mankind to them. Few time ago we even did a noise/drone live performance focused on the writings of the Necronomicon, it was like a “ritual invocation” and everything that I sung was taken from that book,” explains BLACK TEMPLE BELOW’s Ipsissimus Nihil Magister his feelings about being influenced by the Man from Providence. read more

Interview with Thomas Lewis

I am a HP Lovecraft fan, so I hope you will excuse me, if I continue to explore the theme of Lovecraftiana a little longer. And as a reward, here is a short interview I did for my short-lived web Bandurky na gauču in the end of 2017. read more

Lovecraftiana in Music (1. part)

From among the vast numbers of horror and sci-fi authors, none is probably more known, but then also unknown in some way, than the famous Providence man, Howard Philips Lovecraft. We might discriminate against some other great authors with this statement, but Lovecraft has created something which inspired not only his friends and later followers with their literary outputs, mainly in the now well-known Cthulhu Mythos, Lovecraftiana reached to almost every cultural area known to a man. In this article we will look into Lovecraft’s influence of the extreme music.
For that purpose I have contacted several bands which in their works are influenced by Lovecraft’s work. Of course, the band list is not exhausting, some bands didn’t respond, some I might have missed…anyway, enjoy the Lovecraftiana in Music! read more