Going Russian (J. R. interviews Excoriation)

Excoriation hails from Russia. A three-piece band from the Moscow area offering up splattery and slammy death metal. Their self-titled debut album on New Standard Elite remains one of my favorite death metal albums to blast in the car. Heavy, unrelenting, absolutely bulldozing music which puts me in a nice meditative state! Perfect driving music! Keeps me sane in a world of terrible drivers. I mean seriously, would you rather sit in traffic listening to some blabbering on the radio or put yourself in a mental trance of heart-pounding blastbeats? I choose the blast. read more

Tjolgtjar - Hallowen CD cover

Tjolgtjar – Halloween (CD review)

It’s almost Halloweeen (well, at the time of this writing, it’s tomorrow and it’s great, because I have Friday off the work, yay!) and I’d be damned if I don’t spend thime before sleep with some appropriate music. And it’s finally time I can put that little disc I’ve got from J. R. into the player, because what is better (OK, except putting the original Carpenter’s score on repeat loop) than Tjolgtjar’s surprising album from 2007 titled, well… “Halloween”? read more

Tjolgtjar – Five Tjolgtjarian Keys (album review)

No promotion can beat a self-promotion, and although – of course – I am in no way responsible for any Tjolgtjar output, some of you might know that the mighty J. R. Preston, the person behind Tjolgtjar and a few other musical output, is one of our editors and responsible for some of the finest reviews in the Rubber Axe webzine. read more

Watching wrestling with J.R. Preston: WCW SLAMBOREE 1997

We start with an opening video package that does little to set up what’s happening. From this opening video, I have gathered 2 things:

1. There will be NFL Football Players in a match.

2. Apparently the nWo members are mad at the WCW veterans.