Weng’s Chop #5 (magazine review)

Heeeey, have you finished reading the first Spooktacular issue 4.5 of this great cinema megazine? I sure as hell have given you some time to do so since my review of it. Yeah, time flies. read more

Weng’s Chop magazine #2 (magazine review)

Well, isn’t that a time to have a nice retro look at another issue of one of the world’s best, if not the best, current movie magazines? Of course it is! read more

Weng‘s Chop #1 (magazine review)

I don‘t remember this clearly, but I think I‘ve bought issues 0, 1,2 and 3 together in one batch. So, after my look at the issue which has started it all – yeah, issue 0, if you haven‘t figured it out – let‘s have a look at the issue numero uno (and that issue #1 and I don‘t speak Italian, I‘m just being a smart ass, lol). read more

Weng‘s Chop #11 (magazine review)

Yeah, yeah…fuck yeah!!! The best cinema magazine is back and I‘ve just couldn‘t be happier! OK, that‘s debatable as I haven‘t won the lottery jackpot yet, but until that happens, the sentence is true.

Grindhouse Purgatory #12

New Grindhouse Purgatory is out, folks, and this time it’s a special issue dedicated to the one-and-only Something Weird Video!

Well, GP, along with Weng’s Chop and Monster! are the only running mags/zines I currently buy and read, as they basically bring the stuff I really want to read.

I know there are a few others worthy of reading, but being usually of American origin and not readily available through Amazon’s CreateSpace, I am not that rich to spend shitloads of money on postage – yeah, fuck USPS – so I have to go without reading them and UK’s own Dark Side and Infinity magazine don’t really grab my attention, sorry.

So, what do we have here? If you are a GP reader already, you know what to expect, but for those newbies, let me give you a quick look through the pages.