Assault on Dome 4 (movie review)

When I’ve started Rubber Axe, I’d decided to write positive reviews only. I don’t want to put people’s efforts down just because I don’t like something. So I would rather not review some stuff than to write bad stuff about it. read more

Skyscraper (movie review)

Man, they don’t do them like this anymore…

Great 1990s, the peak of home video entertainment has brought some truly unforgettable moments in movie history. And to continue with our series of Die Hard ripoffs, I’ve picked up the endurance test in a form of Anna Nicole Smith’s non-acting in PM Entertainment’s movie Skyscraper. And yes, 22 years later there will be another one. Skyscraper, not Anna Nicole Smith, of course.

Christmas Rush (movie review)

With this movie review I‘d like to introduce a sub-section of a review section, which I‘ve gloriously dubbed (if only in my mind) „Love offspring of John McClane“, in other words, we‘re gonna deal with – you‘ve guessed it – Die Hard rip offs and clones. Not exactly a novelty, but fuck that, I am not alone liking Die Hard, am I? And if one checks sources for a minute, he/she can find literally a pile of movies trying hard to emulate the winning formula of famous Bruce Willis movie series.