Interview with Jay Slater (Diabolik Magazine)

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I am an avid reader, there’s no doubt about it. From the labels on the disinfectants to big tomes of ancient knowledge, I read basically everything. But there is one thing I like the most – zines. Professional looking, with glossy papers, or crude work of cut’n’paste fashion, there are millions of interesting titles and lot of information one could fill their minds from. Apart from music-oriented publications (and, as mentioned above, books of any genre), I love to collect and peruse movie-related zines and magazines, and because just recently I was able to get a first issue (I’ve already had the second, and the last issue) of short-lived, but very interesting, British magazine DIABOLIK, I wanted to know those responsible for this nice publication.
After a little searching and messaging, I’ve found the “culprit” and I am thankful for Mr. Jay Slater to give me some of his time to answer a few questions.